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The Villanova ADVANCE office is known as the VISIBLE program—Villanova Initiative to Support Inclusiveness and Build Leaders. Part of the Office of the Provost, this office partners with the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women's Leadership to form a cohesive team to advance intersectional gender equity.

Our offices and conference room are located on the second floor of Tolentine Hall, Room 202. You may enter through Tolentine 202 or 203.

Meet the Team


Amanda Grannas, PhD
Principal Investigator

Vice Provost for Research
Chief Research Officer
Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Grannas is an active researcher in the field of environmental chemistry. An internationally-renowned expert in snow chemistry, she has led field research at several different sites in the Arctic, aimed at better understanding surface-atmosphere connections and links to climate change. Dr. Grannas has overall administrative and reporting responsibility for VISIBLE and supervises the Project Director.

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Narda Quigley, PhD
Co-Principal Investigator

Professor of Management

Dr. Quigley is an expert in team dynamics, diversity, organizational culture, leadership and workplace discrimination whose research has been published by leading journals. Dr. Quigley is leading the research activities associated with VISIBLE, including a social science research project investigating whether specific training approaches can lessen a leader’s subconscious biases.

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Noelle Comolli, PhD
Co-Principal Investigator

Chair, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
College of Engineering

Dr. Comolli directs the Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Laboratory, housed within the College of Engineering, where she researches the development of nanoparticles for drug delivery. Dr. Comolli is the College of Engineering representative on the VISIBLE team. Her work focuses on driving forward the Change Management and Hiring, Assessment and Promotion initiatives. 

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Terry Nance, PhD
Co-Principal Investigator

Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Chief Diversity Officer
Associate Professor of Communication

Dr. Nance is a national leader in interpersonal communication and multicultural affairs in higher education. Her research has investigated the perceptions and stages of interracial relationship development, diversity and inclusion, and intergroup dialogue. As part of VISIBLE, Dr. Nance oversees diversity and inclusion training for all faculty and administrators, as well as the expansion of the Intergroup Relations program.

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Seth Matthew Fishman, PhD
Internal Evaluator

Assistant Dean of Curriculum and Assessment, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Associate Teaching Professor of Education and Counseling

Dr. Fishman teaches graduate social science courses in Counseling Research and Evaluation, and Educational Research Methods. He directs the assessment outcomes process for more than 20 academic departments and assists with their program evaluation and accreditation reviews. In his role as Internal Evaluator, Dr. Fishman is collecting data and advising the leadership team on how to support the ongoing goals of the initiative. 

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Teresa Boyer, EdD
Program Partner

Assistant Vice Provost of Centers and Institutes
Director, Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women's Leadership
Associate Professor of Education & Counseling

Dr. Boyer is an innovative leader in economic and social equity for women who has published widely on educational and workforce equity, institutional reform for equity, women’s education and leadership, the effectiveness of equity programs and assessment and teacher training. A skilled researcher, Dr. Boyer’s work focuses on the issues of the advancement of women and gender equity.

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Elizabeth Svenson, MS, MPA

VISIBLE Program Director

(610) 519-5721

Ms. Svenson provides overall coordination of the VISIBLE team's efforts and serves as the liaison between the Principal Investigators, Research Team, Evaluation Team and NSF ADVANCE stakeholders.


Adam Smith, MA

VISIBLE Associate Program Director

(610) 519-5729


Priscilla Futema

VISIBLE Administrative Assistant

(610) 519-5724


Lauren Miltenberger, PhD

VISIBLE Faculty Fellow, 2020 - 2021



Kristin Broussard, PhD

ADVANCE Postdoctoral Scholar
Adjunct Faculty Member, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences



VISIBLE Advisors


Internal Advisors

Villanova Administrators and Faculty 

David Anderson: Assistant Professor, Management and Operations

Lillian "Boots" Cassel: Professor, Computing Sciences

Vikram Iyengar: Professor and Assistant Chair, Biology

Adele Lindenmeyr: Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Professor of History

Wen Mao: Associate Dean of Faculty, School of Business and Associate Professor of Economics

Jill McCorkel: Professor of Sociology and Criminology and Program Faculty, Africana Studies Program and Center for Irish Studies   

Alfonso Ortega: Professor of Energy Technology, Mechanical Engineering

Joyce Russell: Dean, Villanova School of Business and Professor of Management

Flannery Stevens: Assistant Professor, Management and Operations

James Trainer: Associate Vice President and Executive Director, Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Andrea Welker: Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Engineering and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Craig Wheeland: Vice Provost for Academics and Professor of Public Administration

Rosalind Wynne: Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director, Laboratory for Lightwave Devices


External Advisors

Peers from Regional and National Organizations and Institutions

Margaret Bailey: Senior Faculty Associate to the Provost for ADVANCE, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology

Koren Bedeau: Senior Associate Provost for Special Projects, George Washington University

Nance Dicciani: Founder, RTM Vital Signs, LLC. and past Member of the Board of Trustees, Villanova University

Holly Slay Ferraro: Associate Professor of Management and Program Director, Professional MBA Program, Seattle University

Amy Fleischer: Dean, College of Engineering, California Polytechnic State University

Jose Fuentes: Professor of Meteorology, Penn State College of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science

Candace Robertson-James: Assistant Professor and Director, Master of Public Health Program, LaSalle University

Patricia Roos: Professor of Sociology, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey