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Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women's Leadership

Women's Leadership Lab

Fostering women's advancement through education, advocacy, community-building and the collaborative creation of knowledge

The Anne Welsh McNulty Institute is leading the conversation on gender and leadership at Villanova, building a community and network that supports gender-based initiatives throughout the University and beyond.

The Institute is:

  • Building a vibrant interdisciplinary research environment to engage faculty and students in the scholarship related to women's leadership and gender equity across multiple disciplines.
  • Establishing opportunities for lifelong skills development that position women to achieve leadership success and empower both women and men to enact social change.
  • Creating a climate that fosters new opportunities and connections within Villanova and the broader community in order to mentor, network, exchange knowledge and inspire the development of women leaders.
  • Cultivating an environment in which Villanovans speak out to challenge gender-based assumptions and advocate for policy changes, leading to a better and more equal society.

What We Do

Offering rigorous academic programs and leadership training in the Augustinian tradition of self-understanding in the pursuit of a just and peaceful world

Facilitating connections and building support networks throughout the Villanova community and beyond

Recognizing, supporting and disseminating research on women and leadership

Raising awareness around the social, institutional and personal obstacles that hinder women's leadership

Get Involved

There are numerous resources and programs on campus that advance women and gender equity.