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Vivian J Lamb Lecture Series

November 14, 2023
4:30 PM 

Bartley Hall, Curley Exchange

Mary Ann Meyers, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow - John Templeton Foundation

Border Crossings:  Science and Religion in Conversation for  Half a Century



October 21, 2019

Professor Thomas McLeish
Director of the UK Physics of Life Network
Professor of Natural Philosophy, Physics Department, York University

The Poetry and Music of Science: the entanglement of creativity between science and Art

“I could not see any place in science for my creativity or imagination”

– thus telling me why she was abandoning the study of science.




March 26, 2019 

Professor Robert John Russell

At the Frontier of Theology and Science




April 12, 2018 

Mariuxz Tabaczek, OP

Biological Complexity: A New Scientific Revolution and its impact on Philosophy and Theology



February 23, 2017 

Professor Ilia Delio
The Connelly Chair in Christian Theology
Villanova University 

Catholicity, Cosmology and Consciousness:  Why Wholeness Matters




September 21, 2016 
Connelly Cinema

Nancy Murphy, 
“Does Neuroscience Teach That We Have No Souls?”



Meet Our Staff

James R. Wetzel, PhD

Fr. Allan Fitzgerald, OSA
Director of Special Projects

Paul A. Camacho, PhD
Associate Director

Colleen Mitchell, PhD
Associate Director of Outreach

Ian Clausen, PhD
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Anna Monserrate
Sr. Admin. Assistant

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Dr. James Wetzel

Fr. Allan Fitzgerald, OSA
Director of Special Projects

Dr. Colleen Mitchell
Director of Outreach

Dr. Paul Camacho
Associate Director

Dr. Ian Clausen
Editor of Augustinian Studies

Anna Monserrate
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Phone:  610.519.4780
Fax:  610.519.6098

We are located in:
SAC 451
Phone:  610.519.4780;
Fax: 610.519.6098




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