The resume is often the first thing that an employer will use to evaluate you. It is extremely important that it is an effective “advertisement” of your skills, knowledge and experience. What's most relevant and most recent is what's most important.

Your resume is a critical item in determining whether or not you will receive an interview. Thus, it should be a flawless, well thought out, and effective sales tool for your job search.

Below, learn more about resume writing via our Resume Guide, resume tips video, and by using VMock, an online resume review system.



VMock is an online resume review platform available to all currently-matriculated, degree-seeking Villanova students. Villanova utilizes VMock to help students of all majors and class years craft professional resumes.

VMock analyzes a student’s current resume and offers personalized feedback.

Once you upload your resume, you’ll receive:

  • Feedback based on a database of Villanova resumes and best-practice formats
  • An assessment of how well you market your skill set
  • Bullet-by-bullet suggestions for accurately reflecting your coursework and experiences
  • A resume score based on data accumulated from all Villanova resume entries

The Villanova Career Center recommends using VMock to score your resume before coming in for an appointment. While VMock is not a substitute for an in-person resume review, it will help you better understand what aspects of your resume may need attention and how to correctly format a resume. 

All About Resumes in Less Than 15 Minutes