The Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Outstanding Teaching

The Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Outstanding Teaching is presented to a faculty member who excels in undergraduate teaching.  The University President solicits nominations for this award annually.  A Subcommittee of the Committee on Faculty, consisting of previous recipients of this award, evaluates these nominations.  This award is presented to the selected faculty member during commencement exercises in May.

Award Recipients Since 1963

Award Winners Date
Dr. William G. Driscoll 1963
Joseph J. Hicks 1964
Dr. Benedict A. Paparella 1965
Thomas C. Linahan 1965
Dr. Robert E. Wilkinson 1966
William J. O’Neill 1966
Dr. Joseph George 1967
Dr. José R. de la Vega 1967
Joseph W. Ratigan 1968
Robert B. Whiting 1968
Dr. Ralph Koliner 1969
Alvin A. Clay 1970
Dr. Daniel T. Regan 1971
Dr. Robert W. Langran 1972
Dr. Gerald A. Dougherty 1973
Dr. Robert D. Lynch 1975
Dr. Edward V. McAssey 1975
Dr. Lewis Mathers 1976
Dr. Edward J. Mathis 1977
Dr. Robert P. Derstine 1977
Dr. Charles E. Zech 1978
Dr. Sebastian M. Rainone 1979
Dr. Brian J. Jones 1979
Dr. Nicholas M. Rongione 1980
Dr. James J. Clarke 1981
Dr. Bernard P. Prusak 1982
Jean M. Maurer 1983
Dr. Thomas F. Monahan 1983
Dr. John A. Doody 1984
Wesley E. Schwarz 1985
Dr. Rodger Van Allen 1986
Dr. Anthony Zygmont 1986
Dr. James J. Schuster 1987
Dr. James M. Emig 1988
Dr. Michael W. Varano 1988
Burke T. Ward, J.D. 1989
James C. O’Brien 1990
June Lytel-Murphy 1990
Dr. James N. Giordano, Jr. 1991
Dr. Barbara E. Wall 1991
Dr. John Immerwahr 1992
Dr. Robert L. Nydick 1992
Dr. J. Porter Tuck 1993
Daniel J. O’Mara 1993
Dr. Elaine Webster 1994
Dr. Anthony Godzieba 1995
Dr. James J. Murphy 1995
Dr. Sterling Delano 1996
Dr. Russell Gardner, Biology
Rev. Lee Makowski, O.S.A., VCLE
Dr. Thomas W. Smith, Humanities & Augustinian Traditions
Dr. Michael Berthold, English
Dr. Theresa Capriotti, Nursing
Dr. John Olson, Biology
Dr. Vito Punzi, Chemical Engineering
Dr. Eduard Casillas, Chemistry
Dr. Sally Scholz, Philosophy
Dr. Isabella “Belle” Erickson, Nursing
Dr. Philip Stephens, Biology
Dr. Klaus Volpert, Mathematical Sciences
Dr. Randy D. Weinstein, Chemcial Engineering
Dr. Marycarol McGovern, Nursing
Dr. Gerard T. Olsen, Finance
Dr. Mary T. Kelly, Economics
Dr. Charles Ashley, Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Christopher Daly, Augustine and Culture Seminar 2015
Dr. Elizabeth Bruderle, Nursing 2016
Dr. Julie Pirsch, Marketing and Business Law
Dr. David Dinehart, Civil and Environmental Engineering

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