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The Lawrence C. Gallen, OSA, Faculty Service Award

Online Nomination Form

Description: The Lawrence C. Gallen, O.S.A. Faculty Service Award is intended to recognize an individual member of the Villanova University faculty who has, over many years, contributed outstanding service to the Villanova University community. Any compensation received for this service should have been minimal. All active, tenured faculty members with ten years of service or longer are eligible, including those who currently hold administrative positions, provided that they have taught full-time at Villanova for at least ten years. Above all, the faculty member's service should have consistently exceeded the normal requirements and ordinary expectations of their position. You can review the eligibility guidelines and list of previous recipients here.

The nominee will then be notified by email, and the nomination will become effective when the nominee responds, confirming his or her willingness to be considered. The nominee will then need to submit by email a list of service activity at Villanova, with dates of service and a description of the nature of each type of service activity. This description may be in outline or narrative form and can be up to five pages in length. More details on this process are contained in the eligibility guidelines.

All that is required is the name of your nominee (above) along with a brief nomination statement.

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