Registration Information

Undergraduate Registration Procedure


All student-athletes have a primary academic advisor in their home college with whom they are required to meet with prior to each registration process.  The name of your academic advisor can be viewed by going to the Student tab of myNOVA.  All students must meet with their academic advisor to get their registration pin number to register for classes.  Students can find their registration appointment time by selecting 'Check Your Registration Status' on the Student tab of myNOVA.  

Master Schedule of Classes

Before your registration appointment time, you should check the Master Schedule of Classes for open sections of the courses that you would like to register. The Master Schedule can be viewed here.  


After consulting with your academic advisor and checking the availability of open sections, you are ready to register for the upcoming semester. At your registration appointment time you will:

  • Log in to myNOVA
  • Select 'Login to Register' from your dashboard
  • Enter your registration pin number
  • Register for courses

OAS Registration Assistance

The Office of Academic Support for Athletics serves as a secondary advisor to student-athletes during the scheduling process by assisting in scheduling required courses that minimize or eliminate conflict with practice times.

Summer School

The NCAA specifies that an enrolled student-athlete may receive athletically related financial assistance to attend an institution's summer school only in the same proportion to the amount of athletically related aid received during the prior academic year. If the student-athlete did not receive athletically related aid during the prior academic year, he/she will not be provided athletically related aid during the ensuing summer term. Student-athletes who are eligible for summer school financial support must complete an authorization form which will be available in the Office of Academic Support in February. Funding for summer school is not guaranteed and proper procedure must be followed to be considered for funding.  This completed form must be approved by the:

  • Academic Support Office
  • Compliance Office
  • Head Coach