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University Sponsored Independent Student Travel Registry

Students participating in University Sponsored Independent Travel must register their trip with Villanova University. The registration process includes additional requirements that must be submitted to the University's Office of Insurance and Risk Management and to the Office of Education Abroad prior to departure. 

This registration process is meant to collect information from the following types of travelers:

  • Students completing University funded research abroad

  • Students participating in University funded volunteer or service projects abroad

  • Student participating in international internships for credit (but not through the OEA)

  • Students traveling on any other University funded initiative


This registry is NOT meant to capture

  • Students who are participating in traditional study abroad programs coordinated by the OEA

  • Students participating in any other group University sponsored programs for which an Emergency Action Plan is already submitted to the Office of Insurance and Risk Management.   


 Please contact your on-campus sponsoring office or the Office of Education Abroad with any questions