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Know Before You Go

The Vatican at Dusk
Picture of the Vatican taken by VU student

For most programs, students must book and plan their overseas travel independently.  Some Villanova programs will offer a group flight.

Discount Airfare Searches

STA Travel 
Student Universe

Recommended Travel Guides

Let's Go
Lonely Planet 
Rick Steves
UK/Britain Student Life

Travel Apps

Bravolol - language translation tool

Additional Resources

ISIC Student ID Cards
Hostelling International
Student Travels


Talk with your family about the Semester Tuition Policy to understand how you will be billed.

Use the OEA Semester Cost Worksheet to estimate expenses for your study abroad. 

Make a monthly budget and follow it. Consider additional expenses such as food, transportation, gym fees, additional travel.

Know your exchange rate and how it affects your daily purchases.



Most semester or summer students use their US Bank accounts to access money while abroad. 

Ask your bank about fees and exchange charges that will be added to each transaction. Does your bank have international partners?


Financial Aid

Keeping in Contact with Home

Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook messenger are all great ways to stay in touch with home without using mobile data. Also, everyone likes getting postcards!

Learning a New Language

Foreign Services Institute

Cell Phones Abroad

Culture Shock

Culture shock is a real and important part of study abroad. Gaining perspective is one of the most important things you can do while in a foreign country. Here are some resources that deal with this issue

Students Abroad
What Nobody Tells You About Studying Abroad

Cultural Growth

In addition to culture shock, you can also expect to grow in your ability to navigate different cultures

The Benefits of Study Abroad
25 Reasons to Study Abroad


Accessibility Overseas

The availability of disability accommodations and host country perceptions of disability will likely vary from the United States. The exact same accommodations that you receive on Villanova's campus may not be possible overseas.  It is important for you to be flexible throughout the study abroad process. 

To receive consideration for an accommodation overseas, you must first be registered with the Villanova Learning Support Services or the Office of Disability Services.  Early in the process, talk to your OEA adviser about your on campus accommodations so that we can make recommendations and the necessary arrangements as soon as possible. 

Disability Services

Mobility International Empowering people with disabilities around the world by ensuring their inclusion in international exchange and international development programs.

University of Minnesota Access Abroad

Abroad with Disabilities

Check with your airlines for baggage restrictions. Plan to pack two bags and make sure you can carry your luggage yourself. Packing Checklist

Google News Alerts

Create a Google News Alert to follow the news in your future host country or city. 

News sources from around the world













New Zealand

Northern Ireland



South Africa



Local Villanova News