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Overseas Course Approval Request System


The Overseas Course Approval Request System provides a number of different benefits to the Villanova community interested in study abroad opportunities

  • The system allows students, advisers and faculty to search for programs based on available course equivalents in the Course Approval History view.

  • Students can submit new courses for review in the Course Approval Review system.

  • Faculty can quickly review overseas courses for Villanova equivalencies using the Faculty Approval Review System 

Browse through the Course Approval History database to search for overseas classes that have already been approved with a VU equivalent. 

The Course Approval History database is for reference only. Final course approval will be confirmed on a student's Course Approval Form or via email in correspondence with OEA advisor once abroad. 

Course Approvals that appear in the database do not need to be re-submitted for approval. 

The Course Approval History database does not guarantee that a class will be offered abroad during a specific semester. 

Course Approval History

Have you completed your QUESTIONNAIRE: Overseas Course Proposal in Passport Villanova and are you ready to submit courses for review? 

First, check the Course Approval History to determine if the course has been previously approved. If the course you are interested in taking abroad has already been approved, you do not need to resubmit the course for approval. 

For all overseas courses that require approval, prepare the following course information:

  • Course title
  • Course number
  • URL link to the course syllabus. If your course syllabus link is not available on your host university or program website, Click here for information on creating a sharable link for course syllabi. If you do not provide a correct syllabus, your approval will be delayed. 

Once you submit your courses for review, notify your OEA adviser, so that the OEA can send the approvals on to the departments. Approvals may take 2-3 weeks.  Please check back in the system regularly to determine if your courses have been approved. Notify your OEA adviser when all classes have been approved.  

Course Approval Portal

Assigned department approvers can access the Faculty Approval Review System by click the image below

Faculty Approval