International and Multicultural Study

International study

The M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing offers a variety of international and multicultural study opportunities to its undergraduate and graduate students that enhance their education through service learning and study abroad. Students have traveled to places such as Chulucanas, Peru; Waslala, Nicaragua; the Dominican Republic; Durban, South Africa; Galway, Ireland, and Aomori, Japan. The Fitzpatrick College of Nursing, in conjunction with the International Studies Office of Villanova University, also allows sophomore students to study abroad at the University of Manchester in its Nursing Department. Qualified students are eligible for partial funding for these study opportunities through the Connelly-Delouvrier International Scholars Program. Second degree, accelerated BSN students may apply for a health promotion experience with the Blackfeet Nation in Browning, Montana.

Interested enrolled students can learn more details about international and multicultural study opportunities in communications from advisors and faculty who lead the experiences. Second degree students interested in traveling to the Blackfeet Nation should contact Professor Shelley Hickey.

Enrolled students who are interested in applying for funding for their selected international or multicultural study opportunity should view the information and application on the Connelly-Delouvrier International Scholars Program for Nursing Students web pages.

A nursing major may also participate in any of the numerous summer study abroad programs offered through the International Studies Office. Students interested in spending a semester of their junior year abroad should contact their Program Director and the Director of International Studies. These non-nursing programs are not eligible for Connelly-Delouvrier funding.



Download and save the application/recommendation form to your laptop/macbook.  Then open the file and fill out the appropriate fields in the interactive PDF.

Once completed and saved, upload the completed application/recommendation using the BROWSE then SUBMIT components below.

Promoting health and education in Peru

My View

"This experience in Texas has... challenged me to utilize nursing skills acquired at Villanova in a culturally diverse environment where my confidence, skill level, knowledge base and compassion have all increased as a result... I will incorporate this experience into my world view as I embark on a journey to establish myself as a nurse who truly believes in the holistic profession of nursing."

Jennifer Curran, Wayne, PA
Connelly-Delouvrier International Scholar

International and Multicultural Study

My View

“While I interned at the International Council of Nurses in Geneva, I wrote briefings for the World Health Assembly on health issues and made recommendations for nurses. Every day I was exposed to more information on countries worldwide and the conditions their nurses face. I got the public health experience I was searching for, as well as an unbelievable nursing experience.  It broadened my view of the profession and the different roles we can play to affect not only single patients but populations of people.”

Kelly Ryan, Naperville, IL