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Completed Doctoral Dissertations

Aric Bunch  High Versus Low-Fidelity Ultrasound Phantoms in the Acquisition of Needle to Vascular Target Contact Skill During Simulated Central Venous Line Placement
Jessie Reich Medical-surgical Nurses’ and Nursing Assistants’ Attitudes and Beliefs towards Young Adult Patients with Sickle Cell Disease and their Perceptions of Barriers to Providing Quality Care to this Population
Megan Moyer         Early Patient Mobilization in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit.
Caroline Ortiz Decia mi Mama: Traditional Medicine from Mexico Among Mexican Women American in the Texas Rio Grande Valley
Gwen Hamid The Association of Functioning, Relationship Quality and Community Reintegration to Depressive Symptoms in Miliary Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury
Kathleen Williams An Examination of the Relationship of Mandated Reporting to Pediatric Up-to-Date Immunization Status
Marcia Gamaly  Comparing the effectiveness of self-directed and interactive
online educational interventions to reduce obesity bias in
nurses in the hospital setting.
Carol Devlin The Relationship Between Preoperative Smoking Status and Postoperative Surgical Site Infections: A Secondary Analysis of the American College of Surgeons’ 2019 National Surgical Quality Improvement Program Data
Kimberly Hampton Survey of Baccalaureate Nursing Faculty About Non-Clinical Transition-to-Practice Courses and Their Perceived Effectiveness
Tanya Carmichael Effect of an Educational Intervention on Nursing Students’ Knowledge of and Attitudes toward Caring for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People
Waad Ali  The Influence of Undergraduate Informatics Education on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Use
Marin Jacobwitz Predictors of Poor Oral Feeding in Infants with a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Following Surgical Intervention with Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Patricia Griffith  The Effect of Structured Reflection on Diagnostic Reasoning Competency and Accuracy of Nurse Practitioner Students Who Experience Cognitive Bias: A Mixed Methods Experimental Study
Mary Ann Zimmer Enhancing Communication Skills of Pre-Licensure Baccalaureate Nursing Students Through the Use of Standardized Patients in Clinical Simulation
Melissa Bourne Clinical Nursing Faculty Perceptions about Teaching Pre-Licensure BSN Students to Provide Care for Adults with Developmental Disability in the Clinical Setting
Melissa Leisen             Exploration of the Learning Experiences of Undergraduate Nursing Students in Relation to the Care of Children with Special Health Care Needs in Home-Based Respite Care
Jodi Erickson  How Older Adults Perceive the Terminology “Allow Natural Death”: 
A Qualitative Dissertation
Meg Kloster Measuring Knowledge and Behavior after an Educational Program
on Air Pollution as a Health Risk Reduction Strategy
Emily Sheff Factors Associated with Work Engagement among Doctorally Prepared Nursing Faculty
Joseph Vena
The Lived Experience of Young Adults with Lymphoma During
Acute Survivorship
Megan M. Walsh
The Emotional Experience of Women with Multiple Sclerosis in
the Postpartum Period
Lyn Starrs-Zorn The Lived Experience of Civilian, Female Spouse Caregivers of Community-Dwelling U.S. Veterans Who Sustained Polytrauma Injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan
Heiddy DiGregorio Organizational Skill Development Using Simultaneous
Multiple Patient Simulation
Laura Klenke-Borgmann The Effect of Interprofessional Simulations in the Classroom
on Pre-Licensure, Baccalaureate Nursing Students’ Clinical
Judgment Development
Sister Jackline Mayaka
Risk Factors Associated with Low-Birth-Weight Infants Among HIV-Positive Women and Related Outcomes of HIV-Exposed Low Birth Weight Infants at 18 Months Follow-up in Western Kenya
Claire McKinley-Yoder
The Relationships Among Individual and School Characteristics and Long-Term Educational Outcomes for Students with Disabilities
Ginger Schroers
Interruptions During Simulated Medication
Administration: An Examination of Errors and Interruption
Management Strategies
Caitlin Yeager The Role of Nurses in Surveillance of New and Emerging
Infectious Disease to Enhance Global Health Security: A Delphi Study
Cynthia Hambach Using Standardized Patients in Simulated Learning Experiences to Develop Clinical Judgment and Clinical Competence of Sophomore Baccalaureate Nursing Students in a Foundations in Nursing Course
Amal Alqahtani Workplace Incivility and Work Ethic Across Three
Generations of Saudi Nurses
Zainab Al-Maqbali Pre-gestational Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1 & Type 2),
Gestational-Diabetes, and Pre-eclampsia with Preterm
Birth Among Omani Women
Susan Moyer Fruit and Vegetable Intake of Young Adult Millennials                               
Serah Nthenge Perinatal Experiences of Women with Physical Disabilities
Christine Pariseault Nurse Practitioners Experiences of Polypharmacy in
Older Adults in the Primary Care Setting
Tara Sacco The Relationship of the Work Environment to Compassion
Satisfaction and Compassion Fatigue in Critical Care Nurses  
Mia Waldron Relationship of Parental Health Literacy (PHL) and
Perceptions of Home Discharge Readiness in NICU
Parents of Black Preterm Infants  
Lisa Aiello   Assessment of Genomic Knowledge among Nurses in an Online RN to BSN
Completion Program
Zaina Al Harmali   Nurse characteristics and perceptions about safety and error reporting in
Omani hospitals
Abdullah I. Al Salmi   Self-Management Behaviors & Quality of Life of Patents with Sickle Cell Disease
Al Cadavero   Nurse Graduates’ Perceived Educational Needs after Experiencing the Death
of a Patient
Mandy Kirkpatrick   Development of Palliative Care Competence in Nursing Students Using Simulation
Brittany Koons   Factors Related to Travel for Transplantation Among U.S. Kidney Transplant Candidates
Michelle McKay   The Relationship of Frailty, Fear of Falling, and Depression with the Risk for Falls and
Health-Related Quality of Life in Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Susan Myers   Postpartum Nurses’ Perceptions of Identifying and Providing Care for Mothers
at Risk for Postpartum Depression
Jennie Ryan   Parents’ Experience Using Medical Marijuana
Cathy Sargent   The examination of nursing students’ attitudes towards chronic pain in the
older adult.
Saira Al-Bulushi  

A Pilot Study of Standardized Patient Simulation Teaching Strategies and Instruments to
Assess Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude of Primary Care Nurses in Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

Khamis Al-Mamari   Omani Nurses’ Attitudes Towards Clients with Mental Illness in General and
Psychiatric Hospitals in Oman
Faith Atte   Factors Related to Caregiver Burden in Family Members of Military Veterans
with Traumatic Brain Injury
Adaorah Azotam   The Intention of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses to Report Child Maltreatment
Susan Birkhoff   Examining the Usability and Acceptability of a Patient-Centered Mobile Health Tracking App for
Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy for Cancer Treatment
Deborah Byrne    Evaluating the Level of Cultural Competence in Undergraduate Nursing Students
Using Standardized Patients in Simulation
Michael Conti   A Descriptive Study Exploring the Perceptions of Certified Registered Nurse
Anesthetists about Collaboration with Physician Anesthesiologists
Becky Coyle-Mueller   Family Nurse Practitioners’ Use of mHealth Apps for Health Promotion with Patients
Patricia Gellasch   The Developmental Screening Behaviors, Skills, Facilitators and Constraints of
Family Nurse Practitioners in Primary Care
Stacy Hohenleitner    New Nursing Graduates’ Perceptions of Support
Amanda Jenkinson   The Relationships Among Inner Strength, Depression, and Time Since Diagnosis to
Quality of Life and Health Promoting Behaviors in Female Cancer Survivors
Sue Lynch   The Lived Experience of Newly Qualified Registered Nurse First Assistant (RNFA) Who Have
Transitioned to the Hospital Operating Room Surgical Setting: A Phenomenological Perspective
Carlene McLaughlin   The Effect of Debriefing with Good Judgment on Nurse Anesthesia Students’ Critical Event Recognition, Response, and Treatment
Jacquelyn McMillion-Bohler    Nurse Educators’ Perceptions of the Characteristics and Behaviors of Master Teachers
in Nursing
Kathleen Monforto   A Comparison of Outcomes in Patients with Common Pediatric Diagnoses Admitted on
Weekends to Those Admitted on Weekdays
Hanan Saca-Hazboun   Knowledge and Health Beliefs about Breast Cancer Screening among Rural Palestinian Women:
A Pilot Study
Jenna Thate   Leveraging Documentation in the Electronic Health Record to Support Interprofessional
Communication: A Delphi Study
Susan Vacca         Patient Delivered and Expedited Partner Therapy for Chlamydia Trachomatis among
Adolescent Females Using School Based Health Centers
Eilleen Feehan Choi     Development and Analysis of the Sodium Knowledge and Skills Index for Heart Failure (SKASI-HF)
Katie Hooven Development and Testing of the Collaboration in the Clinical Learning Environment (CCLE) Tool
Christina Lam Nurse Faculty Members' Experiences Teaching Chronic Illness Self-Management Concepts: An Exploration Study
Patricia Ann Oertwich Emotional Intelligence as a Component of Leadership Development in Traditional Undergraduate BSN Students
Kelly Reilly The Use of Simulation in Transformational Leadership Development in the Nurse Manager Role
Robin Weingarten Wood Workplace Bullying Between Registered Nurses: Occurrence and Perceived Effects on Work Productivity.
Christina Whitehouse From Hospital to Home: Aiding in Patient Transitions Through Education for Obese Older Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Lisa Broughton An Examination of the Relationship among Nurses’ Work Environment, Nurses’ Education Level and Patient Outcomes.
Karen Goldschmidt Perspective Transformation and Professional Values of Students Enrolled in an Online RN-to-BSN Degree Completion Program
Jana Goodwin The Lived Experience of non-English and limited English speaking Hispanic persons associated with a past inpatient hospitalization in the United States: A phenomenological study.
Carey Heck A Study of Moral Distress in Novice and Experienced Nurses.
Virginia Jones Perception of Graduates from Online Accelerated Pre-Licensure Second-Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programs on Quality of Educational Experience and Readiness for Clinical Practice.
Danielle Kohler Assessment of Nurse Faculty’s Acceptance and Intent to Use Social Media Using the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology 2 Model
James Mendez The Role of Perceived Social Support in the Transition to Life after Lung Transplantation
Maria Van Pelt The Aftermath of Perioperative Catastrophe: A National Study of Nurse Anesthetists
Nancy Wise Nutritional Knowledge, Healthy Eating Behaviors and Personal Self-Efficaciy in Pregnant Adolescents
Sherry Burrell Exploring Symptom Clusters and Quality of Life in Individuals Undergoing Surgery for Pancreatic Cancer
Jaqueline Meyer Part-time Baccalaureate Clinical Nursing Faculty in U.S. Schools of Nursing: Factors Related to Work Engagement, Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction
Nada Al Moosa A Quality Study of Change: Implementing Quality Assurance and Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Profession Education during a Period of Transition
Raja Jadelhack Assessment of a Patient Satisfaction Survey and its Relationship to Hospital Sector and Nurses’ Level of Education in One Region in Saudi Arabia.
Amanda Klockars-McMulle
Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the Somatic Awareness Scale of Women with Spontaneous Preterm Labor.
Majed Alamri Motivational Factors and Barriers Related to Saudi Arabian Nurses’ Pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree
Hilal Alrahbi                                                        
Diabetes Self-Management (DSM) in Omanis with Type-2 Diabetes
Terri Ares The Professional Socialization of Students in Clinical Nurse Specialist Programs
Ann Fronczek The Lived Experience of the Primary Family Caregiver of a Person with Head and Neck Cancer
Karen May Assessing Faculty Knowledge of Disability-Related Law and Providing Academic Accommodation
JoAnn Platko Nursing Students’ Beliefs and Attitudes Regarding Pain Management Knowledge Across Educational Levels
Michele Damas Smith Utilization of Secondary Preventive Screenings (HIV, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol) Among African-American Men in Comparison to Non-Hispanic Caucasian Men
Amy Weaver The Effect of a Model Demonstration During Debriefing on Students’ Clinical Judgment, Self-Confidence, and Satisfaction During a Simulated Learning Experience
Pennie Sessler Branden The Nurse as Advocate: A Grounded Theory Perspective
Margaret Hattori-Uchima Chuukese Migrant Women in Guam: Perceptions of Barriers to Health Care
Michelle Kelly
Life After Prematurity:  Special Health Care Needs, Working Memory, and Health-related Quality of Life Among 9- to 11-year old Children Born Prematurely
Catherine Morse The Effect of Debriefing with Good Judgment on Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Students' Reflective Ability and Perspective Transformation.
Lisa Thiemann Nonsurgical Pain Management Infection Prevention Competencies
Teresa Conte Pediatric Oncology Nurses’ Lived Experiences of Loss and Grief
Anne Fink Primiparous Puerto Rican Women’s Self-Reports of Postpartum Infant and Self-Care Knowledge Acquisition
Janet Fogg The Experience of Parenting for Single, Unpartnered Mothers of Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
Suzanne Foley The First Months at Home: The Perceived Needs of an American Sample of Postpartum Women
Catherine Heilferty The Balance We Seek:  A Sequential Narrative Analysis of Childhood Cancer Blogs
Stephanie Jeffers Nurse Faculty Perceptions of End-of-Life Education in the Clinical Setting:  A Phenomenological Perspective
Kelly Kuhns Nursing Faculty Members' Use of Web 2.0 Technology and Perceptions of Importance of Online Faculty Presence
Jennifer Gunberg Ross The Effect of Simulation Training on Baccalaureate Nursing Students’ Competency in Performing Intramuscular Injection
Joanne Schwartz A Cross-Sectional Study Comparing Graduates of an Accelerated Second-Degree Baccalaureate Nursing Program and Graduates of a Traditional Baccalaureate Nursing Program in Demographics, Nursing Professional Development and Nursing Career Satisfaction
Jodie Szlachta The Effect of a Peer-Instruction Model in Nurse Anesthesia Student Learning in the High Fidelity Patient Simulator
Ruth Crothers The Development of Organized Continuing Education for Registered Nurses in the United States 1957-1974: Challenge for a Maturing Profession
Elizabeth M. Romeo The Predictive Ability of Critical Thinking, Nursing GPA and SAT Scores on First-Time NCLEX-RN® Performance
Cynthia Rubenstein Assessing and Improving Child Feeding Practices through "Take Charge of Your Family’s Health"
Lorraine Rusch Exploring Clinical Reason and Decision Making in Nursing Students.
Jennifer Specht Use of Mentoring to Ease Role Conflict and Role Ambiguity in Neophyte Nursing Faculty.
Tamara M. Kear                                                        
An Investigation of Transformative Learning Experiences during Associate Degree Nursing Education Using Narrative Methods

Bonnie Baloga-Altieri

Comparison of Staff Nurse Perceptions of Nurse Executive and Nurse Manager Leadership in Magnet and non-Magnet Hospitals

Catherine Lovecchio On-Line Alcohol Education: Impact on Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors of First-Year College Students
Ruth McDermott-Levy The Lived Experience of Female Arab-Muslim Nurses Studying in the United States
Amy McKeever Female College Students’ Self-Reported Behavioral Change After an Educational Intervention to Reduce Behaviors Associated with Cervical Cancer Risk
Ann T. Vitale Nurses’ Lived Experience of Reiki for Self-Care