The Fitzpatrick College of Nursing (FCN) PhD Program follows a unique Teacher-Scholar Model, training PhD-prepared Nurses to become academic educators and nurse scientists. Our distinguished faculty provides comprehensive support to students pursuing research programs aimed at advancing nursing education science and clinically-based research. Graduates from our program possess the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct high-quality studies addressing significant and timely topics, ultimately improving patient outcomes across diverse populations.

Depending on the college or university's Carnegie Classification of Institutions®, a PhD-prepared nurse may choose to focus primarily on teaching or dedicate their time to research. However, all faculty members with nursing backgrounds are expected to actively participate in scholarly activities. Our recently revised curriculum caters to the various responsibilities of doctorly-prepared educators, fostering research and scholarship skills.


This assessment is a guide to evaluate the type of doctoral program that best fits your career goals. Assessments are anonymous and Villanova Nursing will not receive your responses to the survey. 

*There is no relationship between your responses and the evaluation of your application for admission into the FCN PhD Program.