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VPL University Policy / Procedure Templates

Pursuant to the process described in University Policy Review and Approval (Policy 120), proposals for new university-wide policies and revisions to existing policies must be submitted using the University Policy Template.  The following is an example of the University Policy Template. For ease of use, we have created a Word version of the template which incorporates instructions for your reference.  

The University Procedure Template is also available for development of university-wide procedures.

When beginning the process of writing a new policy or procedure or revising an existing policy or procedure, please contact Beth Wright, Senior Compliance Analyst, at to request a copy of the appropriate template.

Access Links:

Villanova Policy Library - Public Access (VU Students & Adjunct Faculty) Select "Visit our Public Site"

Villanova Policy Library - Licensed Users (VU Staff & Full-Time Faculty)


The Villanova Policy Library is an ongoing and continuous initiative. At this time the University Compliance Office (UCO) continues to work with departments/areas in the transition of their university-wide policies and procedures.

Questions regarding policies can be referred to either the UCO at 610-519-5466 or the person listed for that department/area in the Department/Area Contact List.