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The Villanova Policy Library (VPL) is a centralized repository designed to provide quick, easy access to the current version of University-wide policies. Institutional policies serve to implement regulatory requirements, define our academic and administrative processes, and guide our University community.

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to identify and review those policies that support Villanova's mission and our day-to-day activities. When fully implemented, the VPL will contain all official University policies and will allow you to review policies from all University areas with a simple keyword search. Transition of official University-wide policies by the various departments/areas continues throughout the 2019 calendar year. As part of these transition efforts, departments/areas hosting univeristy-wide policies within their webpages will link to the version of the policy in the VPL.

The VPL also provides a robust automated work flow system for employees who play a role in drafting, reviewing or approving policies and supports University areas responsible for the management and maintenance of policies on an established basis.

Policy Life Cycle

Access Links:

Villanova Policy Library - Public Access (VU Students & Adjunct Faculty) Select "Visit our Public Site"

Villanova Policy Library - Licensed Users (VU Staff & Full-Time Faculty)


The Villanova Policy Library is an ongoing and continuous initiative. At this time the University Compliance Office (UCO) continues to work with departments/areas in the transition of their university-wide policies and procedures.

Questions regarding policies can be referred to either the UCO at 610-519-5466 or the person listed for that department/area in the Department/Area Contact List.