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Research Policy Committee

The Research Policy Committee has the mission of engaging all members of the University community in the formation of research policy, grant administration, strategic plans, and other matters relating to research and research education that significantly affect the University as a whole. Such research policies and plans will aim to:

  • Encourage and support faculty and students in performing research.
  • Encourage and support faculty and students in research education.
  • Support faculty in being in compliance with federal, sponsor and University regulations.
  • Minimize procedural workload for faculty and administrators.

The RPC will provide advice and feedback from the University community to the AVPR and the Directors of OGC and ORP on all matters within this scope.  The RPC will also make recommendations to the FRRC on matters in the Faculty Handbook pertaining to research, and will make recommendations to the APC on matters pertaining to instructional activities that impact research.

The RPC will operate under the General Protocols established for University Committees, with the extensions detailed below or as further established and approved by the RPC. Under the terms defined by the General Protocol, the AVPR and the Directors of OGC and ORP are considered “The Administrator” and are not eligible to vote or to be Chair of the Committee.

Membership: RPC membership shall include:

  • the Associate Vice Provost for Research (ex-officio/Administrator)
  • the Director of the Office of Grants and Contracts (ex-officio/Administrator)
  • the Director of the Office of Research Protections (ex-officio/Administrator)
  • 12 full-time faculty: CLAS (3), COE (2), CON (2), VSB (2), At Large: (3)
  • 2 Graduate Students:
    • CLAS Graduate Student Council Chair or designee (ex-officio)
    • COE Graduate Student Representative (1)


  • Amy McKeever, Nursing
  • Jake Elmer, Assistant Chair, COE
  • James Bierstaker, VSB
  • James Peyton Jones, Chair, COE (2020-Fall 2021)
  • Jared Paul, Chair, Chemistry (Spring 2022)
  • Lauren Shohet, CLAS - Humanities
  • Lucy Chen, VSB
  • Mary Ann Cantrell, Nursing
  • Matt Matell, CLAS - Science, At Large
  • Michael Tait, CLAS, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Ryan Jorn, CLAS, Chemistry
  • Whitney Martinko, CLAS - History
  • Amanda Grannas, AVP for Research, ex-officio
  • Moira McAndrews, Director, Grants and Contracts, ex-officio

Research Policy Committee Minutes