Committees Not Under the Auspices of Faculty Congress

Select highlighted committee titles below to see reports submitted for each committee. Titles that are not highlighted do not have any reports submitted yet.

Board of Trustees Standing Committee (terms to expire 12/31/18)

Faculty representatives to other committees (as necessary)

Committees that report to the University President

Standing Committees whose members report to their respective constituent bodies

  • Academic Policy Committee (Christopher Kilby)
  • Athletic Advisory (Jeremy Kees, Rick Eckstein, Denise Downey, Jennifer A. Joyce)
  • Budget Committee (Lucy Huajing Chen, Calvin Li, Eric Lomazoff, Nancy Sharts-Hopko)
  • Mission and Social Justice Committee (Billie Murray, David Nawrocki, James Peyton Jones)
  • Student Life (Elizabeth-Jane McGuire, Gaynor Strickler)

Other committees:

  • Police Oversight Committee (Tim Horner, Crystal Lucky, Catherine Warrick)
  • University Council on Information Technology (UCIT) (Stephen Andriole, Marita Frain)
  • Faculty Advisory Group to the University IT Committee (Noah Barsky, Mary Ann Cantrell, Angela DiBenedetto, Evan Radcliffe)
  • University Retention Committee (Krista Malott)
  • Faculty Scholar Advisory Team to the AVPR (Elizabeth Dowdell, Calvin Li, Matt Matell, Billie Murray, Melissa O’Connor, Mike Pagano, Michele Pistone, Megan Quigley, Sally Scholz, Kabindra Shakya, Wenqing Xu, Deanna Zubris)

Committees that no longer exist