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Faculty Rights & Responsibilities Committee

Faculty Rights & Responsibilities Committee

The Faculty Rights & Responsibilities Committee (FRRC) makes recommendations on all matters pertaining to faculty. In particular, it oversees and approves any changes to the Faculty Handbook. This committee was formerly known as the Committe on Faculty.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Paul Bernhardt, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Samantha Chapman, Biology
  • Ilia Delio, Theology and Religious Studies
  • Melissa Hodges, Sociology & Criminology
  • Eugene McCarraher, Humanities and Augustinian Tradition

College of Engineering

  • Metin Duran, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chair
  • Wenqing (Vicky) Xu, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Law School

  • Ruth Gordon

College of Nursing

  • Debra Shearer
  • Jennifer Ross

Villanova School of Business

  • Aronte Bennett, Marketing & Business Law
  • Benjamin Scheick, Finance & Real Estate
  • John Sedunov, Finance & Real Estate

Vice Chair of the Faculty Congress (ex officio)

  • James Peyton-Jones, Electrical & Computer Engineering