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Lafferty Award

The Lafferty award recognizes faculty members who have made a distinctive and lasting contribution to enhancing the quality of the student experience by engaging with students in significant ways outside a traditional teaching or research relationship and beyond their formal advising duties. Student engagement activities include being an active faculty advisor for student clubs, attending performances and athletic events of students, encouraging students to participate in academic venues off campus (national meetings, poster sessions), or keeping in touch with students after graduation.

All active, full time faculty members, including CNT, tenure-track, and tenured faculty, are eligible. The award will include a medallion to be given at the May faculty and staff picnic, and will be publicly recognized at the University graduation ceremony. Faculty are eligible to win this award only once.

Nomination Protocol and Application Materials

Nominations are solicited from students. Self-nominations are not accepted. Nominations are made via an online submission form, and include the name, email address and major(s) of the student nominator, the name and department of the nominee, and a narrative (500 words or less) describing the merits of the nominee for this award. The narrative should outline the nominee’s activities beyond the expectations and parameters of his or her job and should demonstrate, through specific examples, the positive impact of these activities on the quality of the student experience.

The Awards committee members are not eligible to nominate or to be nominated for any
award overseen by the committee.

Procedure for Review and Selection

The committee will review the nominations and, depending on the details included in the nominations, may contact department chairs for additional supporting materials. The committee will submit a recommendation to the Faculty Congress for a Lafferty award recipient, along with a justification and a complete summary data on all the other nominees.

Year Lafferty Award Winner
2024 Dr. Michelle Lockett, Nursing
2023 Dr. Tracy Oliver, Nursing
2022 Dr. Jill McCorkel, Sociology and Criminology
2021 Dr. Carol Weingarten, Nursing
2020 Dr. Stephen Liedtka, Accountancy
2019 Dr. David Dinehart, Civil and Environmental Engineering