Best Paper Awards Received for Radar Research


A doctoral candidate and faculty from Villanova University’s Center for Advanced Communications won a “Best Paper Award” for research on the use of radar for assisted living. “Multi-window time and frequency signature reduction from undersampled continuous-wave radar measurements for fall detection,” co-authored by Ms. Branka Jokanovic, CAC director Moeness Amin, PhD, and former faculty researchers Fauzia Ahmad, PhD, and Yimin Zhang, PhD, received the Premium Award for the best paper published in the IET Radar, Sonar, and Navigation Journal in 2015.

The paper reflects research Dr. Amin’s team is pursuing under a grant from the Qatar National Research Fund.  It focuses on the detection and classification of elderly falls using compressed and limited radar data observations. The fall data was collected at the Radar Imaging Lab under the Center for Advanced Communications.

This is the CAC’s second honor for research on this topic. In May 2016, Jokanovic received the top prize student paper award for “Radar Fall Motion Detection using Deep Learning” at the IEEE Radar Conference. Drs. Amin and Ahmad served as the paper’s co-authors.