Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

In 1905, when Villanova University established what was then known as the School of Technology, it enrolled 12 students in programs in Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering. Nearly 90 years later, the Computer Engineering program was introduced into what is now the College of Engineering. Today, the department offers Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, and Master’s degrees in both disciplines, as well as an MS in Cybersecurity. All students enjoy small class sizes, practical, hands-on experiences, and the attention of professors who are fully committed to your success.

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department is associated with two of the College’s six research centers:

Center for Advanced Communications

CAC advances the state-of-the-art in the analysis and development of wireless communications, satellite navigations, acoustic and ultrasound sensing and radar imaging. Visit the CAC site.

Center for Nonlinear Dynamics and Control

Home to one of the highest concentrations of controls-oriented, interdisciplinary faculty in the region, CENDAC is distinguished by its strong interdisciplinary teams working on real-world applications of nonlinear dynamic systems and control theory. Visit the CENDAC site.

Students at all levels are encouraged to pursue research opportunities with Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty in the areas of:

  • Advanced antenna design
  • Computer and Mobile Networks
  • Dc-dc converters
  • Advanced emission control algorithms for engines
  • Digital hardware and FPGA security
  • Electrical communications
  • Microgrids
  • Nanostructured, high efficiency low cost solar cells
  • Photonic fiber sensors
  • Pin diode modeling
  • Through the wall radar imaging



Sophomores Develop Algorithm to Sort out a Bowl of M&Ms

The team of Curtis Aaron, Dawson Duckworth and Chris Jupina earned “Best in Class” by their peers in ECE 2409, Fundamentals of Matlab. The project, “Candy Crush,” called for an algorithm to count the number of flavors in a bowl of over 700 M&Ms using a single image. They achieved over 95% accuracy for all seven flavors by correctly partitioning the RGB color space. Will Hubschmitt, Sam Rossi and John Nguyen earned honorable mention for the most creative use of the algorithm on a layered cake. 

  • New CubeSat Club: Exploring Space Science and Engineering

    New CubeSat Club: Exploring Space Science and Engineering

    Dr. Alan Johnston, associate teaching professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is the faculty advisor for the new Villanova student organization known as CubeSat Club. A CubeSat is a nanosatellite that sends telemetry information—measurements communicated at remote points by automated processes—over radio signals received on earth by a ground station. They can help students learn about orbital mechanics, conditions in space and energy production via solar cells. read more

  • Villanova Engineering Professor is Leading the Future of Wireless Networks

    Villanova Engineering Professor is Leading the Future of Wireless Networks

    Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Mojtaba Vaezi, PhD, arrived at Villanova University in spring 2018 with a new book to his credit (Multiple Access Techniques for 5G Wireless Networks and Beyond) and recently added to his list of accomplishments by presenting at the IEEE Communications Society’s international flagship conferences. He also received the 2018 IEEE Communications Letters Best Editor Award. read more

  • Villanova Introduces Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Minor

    Villanova Introduces Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Minor

    In response to the nation’s severe shortage of cyber-professionals, the University has launched a new minor in cybersecurity, jointly offered through the College of Engineering’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and the Department of Computer Science in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. read more

  • Villanova Engineering Students Advance Projects in Ecuador

    Villanova Engineering Students Advance Projects in Ecuador

    In Cerritos, students helped install five solar electric systems in the community and delivered workshops on their use and maintenance. In San Cristobal, another team of undergraduates developed a community intranet to connect five of the island’s schools. read more

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Bijan Mobasseri, PhD

Dr. Bijan Mobasseri, Professor
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