Department of Mechanical Engineering

Villanova University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1908 and is the largest undergraduate program, and third largest graduate program, in the College of Engineering.  All students enjoy small class sizes, practical, hands-on experiences, and the attention of professors who are fully committed to your success.

The department is associated with three of the College’s six research centers:

Center for Nonlinear Dynamics and Control

Home to one of the highest concentrations of controls-oriented, interdisciplinary faculty in the region, CENDAC is distinguished by its strong interdisciplinary teams working on real-world applications of nonlinear dynamic systems and control theory. Visit the CENDAC site.

The Center for Energy-Smart Electronic Systems

A National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center, ES2 develops methodologies, tools and systems to maximize energy efficiency for the operation of data centers. Visit the ES2 site.

Villanova Center for the Analytics of Dynamic Systems

VCADS develops new tools and techniques for analytics of dynamic systems with applications in engineering, medicine and finance. Visit the VCADS site.

Students at all levels are encouraged to pursue research opportunities with Mechanical Engineering faculty in the areas of:

  • Robotics
  • Unmanned vehicles
  • Biomedical topics including bone fracture mechanics and cryopreservation of tissues
  • Energy efficient building thermal design
  • Thermal management of electronics
  • Design and testing of thin film nanomaterials
  • Energy systems and high rate heat transfer
  • Health care diagnostics and management
  • Biomimetic materials design



Department of Mechanical Engineering

Sridhar Santhanam, Ph.D.

Dr. Sridhar Santhanam, Professor
Phone: 610-519-4996

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Fast Facts:


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