Department of Chemical Engineering

Villanova University’s Department of Chemical Engineering was established in 1919 and offers a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Master’s degrees in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.  All students enjoy small class sizes, practical, hands-on experiences, and the attention of professors who are fully committed to your success.

The department is associated with the College of Engineering’s newest research center, NovaCell, the Center for Cellular Engineering. Founded in 2018, NovaCell’s mission is to lead efforts to improve cell and gene therapy products, and the bioprocesses used to make them.

Students at all levels are encouraged to pursue research opportunities with Chemical Engineering faculty in the areas of:

  • Biopharmaceutical processing
  • Biomaterials for drug delivery
  • Cell and gene therapy
  • Computational chemistry models to improve catalyst design
  • Decontamination of wastewater
  • Systems biology approaches to understanding antibiotic resistance
  • Utilizing biomass for energy and bio-sourced materials
  • Zeolite and catalyst design for increased process efficiency


Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering

Dr. Noelle Comolli, Associate Professor

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Seeking Endowed Chair

To contribute to NovaCell, the Department of Chemical Engineering seeks applicants for the Nance K. Dicciani Endowed Chair. More information