Top International Conference on Radar Spotlights CAC Leadership

Center for Advanced Communications Director Moeness Amin
Center for Advanced Communications Director Moeness Amin

Each year, the International Conference on Radar draws hundreds to the world’s largest and most comprehensive technical conference on radar imaging and radar signal processing. This year, Dr. Moeness Amin, director of the Center for Advanced Communications (CAC), delivered one of the conference’s four plenary talks.

“It was a privilege and an honor to have been asked to deliver a plenary at the IEEE Radar Conference. It was an opportunity to showcase what we have achieved in the broad area of urban radar and through wall radar technology,” says Dr. Amin, who presented “A Decade of Through the Wall Radar Imaging.”  

The CAC is widely recognized by academia, government and industry as a global leader in through-wall imaging. Approximately 500 conference participants attended Dr. Amin’s presentation, which covered the advances in research and applications for this technology over the last decade.

Dr. Amin was recently awarded Germany’s prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Prize for his life achievements in signal processing and its applications to radar, communications and satellite navigations.