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VSB takes great pride in its faculty.

The multi-dimensional faculty at VSB is comprised of talented teachers and leaders who actively engage our students in business knowledge and relevant research within an intimate learning environment. They excel across the board—in research, instruction, and curricular innovation. Our community of scholars not only provides formal business training, but also prepares students to be contributing members of society. The VSB faculty consistently encourage their students to view themselves and their work within the context of making a positive contribution to the world.

VSB strives to attract and support the finest faculty, bringing them together with the finest students. This collaboration, along with our multidisciplinary approach and liberal arts tradition, ensures that VSB students become well-rounded, successful businesspeople and exceptional global leaders—leaders who know how to think holistically and solve problems creatively, and who remain committed to their ethical responsibilities throughout their careers.

With a student-to-faculty ratio of only 15:1, our faculty is accessible and classes are small. What’s more, there are no graduate teaching assistants at Villanova. All classes are taught by faculty members. Our professors are here because they want to teach, and they want to see each and every student succeed.

The best and brightest minds come to VSB to be part of this supportive and caring environment. It is this combination of extraordinary talent across our faculty and students that makes for an incredibly powerful learning experience.

Faculty Expertise Guide

Faculty Expertise Guide

Click here to view the Faculty Expertise Guide for the Villanova School of Business.

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