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Assignments and Reading

Weekly Assignments and Readings Fall 2021


  • Written Assignments are due at least 48 hours befor your 4th hour
  • Listed in the week that they are due
  • 1-2 page essays which demonstrate ou have read the readings and are reflecting on yourself and for those you servce at ACLAMO.


Printable Syllabus



Building community  

No 4th hour VEXP 1000 (4th hour) or 0001 (service) this week.

Overview of Caritas

Service review

background checks and fingerprinting

Talk from former members.

Representative from ACLAMO an CCATE


Wednesday, August 25th at 6:00-7:30PM   (Place TBA)




Read: Syllabus including instructions for group projects



Service Journal Entry 1  Write about an experience of service or kindness that you extended or was extended to you that had an impact on you?  What was the impact?   What is important about the “attitude” of the person who extended the kindness to you?


Getting to know your service site




 Read  10 myths about Immigrants:




Written Assignment:  10 facts about ACLAMO

5 facts about the zip code in which ACLAMO resides that you think is important to know.


Read    What We Don’t Talk About When We Don’t Talk About Service.”  Adam  Davis.


What is your responsibility in service learning?




Written Assignment:  Service Journal Entry #2

What do you hope to give?  What do you hope to learn from the Norristown Community?    What has formed your thinking about new Americans from Latin American countries?   Be specific about what the “myths”  and “stereotypes” that exist in our country and how you became aware of them?



Develop questions for Video project interviews.


Read: The Myth of the Culture of Poverty. Paul Gorski.  April 2008 | Volume 65 | Number 7 Poverty and Learning Pages 32-36  




Written Assignment: Write a response to the Myths of Poverty. Please include a personal response, i.e.  What myths/assumptions do you know exist in our country about people who live in poverty?  Where did they come from?



Break up into small group video  projects due on 11/8 (See description in addendum to syllabus.)



Read:   Dialogue and Debate



Agree Disagree: You will be participating in an exercise in 4th hour called agree disagree.  A statement will be read, and you will take a stand in response to the statement and talk to the other students who take the same stand about why you “agree” or “disagree” with the statement.  You will then choose a representative to explain your rationale to the rest of the class.


 Written Assignment:  Develop 5 statements you would like your 4th hour to respond to during this exercise.  All topics are acceptable.


 Examples of statements ,


Individual rights are more important than the rights of the larger community.


Service to a community is the responsibility of all citizens.



Assign small group for student choice Group 1 will be 10/25  see addendum to syllabus for instructions


Optional 4th hour  No reading


No written assignment


There is service this week be prepared




Read:  “Ancient Wisdom on Friendship by Maureen Tilley in Mission and Ministry magazine.


Written Assignment: What does Living an Augustinian community have to do with  justice or with how we view others who do not share our physical characteristics, abilities, sexuality, or economic status, religion, or immigration status?


Small group of students will choose the topic and run 4th hour. See addendum in syllabus for instruction.

What do the children you serve need?  Why do they need it?


Service Journal Entry #3   Tell a story about service that made an impression on you.  Respond to the question, why do you serve?  How is service good?  How can it be problematic?



Be prepared to show your video and talk about your project. see syllabus addendum for instructions.


Service Journal Entry #4:  Write about service.  Whatever is important to you are choose from the service reflection questions at the end of the syllabus




Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Office of Service Learning
St. Augustine Center for the Liberal Arts
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

Noreen Cameron, Director
SAC Room 386

Mary Aiello, Administrative Assistant
SAC Room 385

We have a constantly evolving list of with faculty and community partners that change each semester.