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Principal Linda Wayman
Teacher, Administrator, and founder of Currently Trending


Conversation: "Service is an act of Love."


ACS Approved
Villanova Room, Connelly Center

First-Year students and student leaders will share an evening with the Principal Wayman.  Ms. Wayman will share her story about growing up in North Philadelphia, attending schools that left her unprepared for College.  She will describe how her  experience  of being served and serving led her to become a teacher and tireless advocate for children who grow up in poverty.  She  will share stories about her relationships with high school students struggling to read and learn in a communities filled with obstacles such as poverty, violence.    She will let us know how service can be an act of love. Love that makes  all of us believe in our own worth and power to change lives.  As a principal Ms. Wayman turned around two schools and is the Founder and Director of Currently Trending a program that provides advocates for parents and children in communities where school is not preparing them for success.


Registration is recommended but not required. This event is open to all first-year students, so please feel free to show up with your friends.  We promise an evening you will not forget as you journey into the lives and education of high school students who grow up in North Philadelphia and how one woman's dedication has changed those lives.