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Service Site Registration

To view this registration page, please log into your browser in the upper right hand corner.  To register for a service site, please complete the registration form. You will receive an email confirmation with the location, date and time listed. The times listed include travel time. If you need to change service sites from a previous registration, re-register now, it will overwrite your old registration and your new registration will be your active one. You will receive an email with the new registration information.


If you want to add a second site or to change sites, please contact    


List of Service Sites   

Students in the Sophomore Service Learning Community, Education majors/minors or students taking a class with a Service requirement can register for a service site below.

If you do not see the site listed in the drop down menu, the site is closed.   

NOTE:  Due to COVID-19 all sites are subject to change. 




ACLAMO:        First Year and Sophomores Service-Learning Community 25 students each day Virtual  Program  ZOOM  Start Date:  February 2,  Days and Hours Monday through Thursday  3:30pm-5:30pm. and

For New Volunteers only:  You must complete application and upload forms here   When application and forms are complete we will set up service orientation with Rachel Fisher who will provide you a zoom link for tutoring. 

Homework help and reading.   You will be assigned to a teacher and age group. There will be a class meeting and then you will be divided up into small groups for homework and reading. If students are finished and still online, you can be creative with the use of time.   There must always be 2 Villanova tutors with ACLAMO children . You will be working during a hardworking Mexican Community who want the best for their children and their future.  (Triple Clearance required)

Pen Pal Program with incarceration people through Augustinian Defenders of the Rights of The Poor .   5 students:  You will be assigned to a person who is in prison after orientation with the program director.  “Correspondence program between an inmate in confinement and a person on the outside. Incarceration is one of the most dehumanizing experiences that a person can have and a simple letter of friendship from someone on the outside can act as a strong acknowledgment of the individual’s human dignity.” (ADROP website) 

You can send letters once a week, but replies will come more slowly as stamps and envelops are expensive for an inmate.  (we are not permitted to supply stamps and envelopes to inmates)  Letters must first be send to Office of Service-Learning email address for pen pal program and all letters from prisons will be screened.  To supplement this service, you will have 2 meetings to talk specifically about incarceration in the United States and if you have letters what you are learning from your pen pal.



*Back On My Feet:  Friday 6am-7am:  5 students  (ZOOM)  Lilian Bui will confirm start date. 

Villanova students will have the privilege of participating in virtual "Circle Up"  w 6am-7am on Fridays.  “Circle Up”  is the time Villanova students who are interested in issues of Homelessness will meet to honor the run which cannot happen during COVID19 pandemic.  You will hopefully find ways to engage with the issue of homelessness and advocate for people who are experiencing life without a place to call home.  Imagine what that is like during the pandemic!  Contact Lily Bui at


Boys and Girls Club  Monday through Thursday 3:45-5:00  virtual contact and 1-hour preparation.  4   Villanova students  each day ZOOM    Start date 2/1 or 2/8 .

Children will be together at the Boys and Girls club when you meet for afterschool activities.  The children go to school from 8:30-3:09pm they will have a snack and then participate in afterschool program.  You will receive a ZOOM link from Libby Lescalleet to join the Boys and Girls at the club. (the children will be together) at the club.  You will be responsible to plan and implement activities used during the hour you are with the children.  Ideas of the activities can be STEM, Art, or Active more physical activities. 

There are many resources online for all ages  Brain Breaks   or art on line.  In most cases you will be with the same group of youth at the given locations. 

CCATE:   Center for Culture, Art, Training and Education.   Many opportunities below.    Most will start the week of February 2.  If you are a returner you may contact the CCATE staff responsible for your program for a ZOOM link.  The  mission of CCATE  is to ignite social transformation developing the talents and empowering the Latinx community through education, culture, art, technology, health, and science.  The coordinator of interns and volunteers will meet with students interested in working at CCATE and match you to a volunteer opportunity.   You will have the opportunity to work with a grass roots organization who works with the community in determining their needs and opportunities.   (need all clearances and waivers from parents need to be sent to



After School Program: Monday through Thursday 4-6.  2 students per family.  6 students per day.    Homework help. You will be assigned a family and meet with them online to go over homework.  Parents should be present.  You may serve once or twice a week with the same family.   This will require you to be flexible as students may not show up online or have little homework.  Be prepared to have a conversation or play an online game if you have time.


English Language Learners support

ELL English Language Learners Class: Tuesday 7:15-8:15pm  2 students


ELL English Language Learners Class: Saturday 10-11am.  2 students


Community Based Research:  independent work.  5 Students will be given assignments about research they can do in 3 hours of their own time. They will report to Dr. Holly Link and meet to talk about the significance and reason the research is essential to CCATE Community.  Students may speak with professors of SSLC courses to determine if this research can be used for class project.   


College Prep  Wednesdays, 6-7pm   3-5 students  Start Date 9/16  Students will receive support with college searching, applications, and essays (seniors will work 1:1 with a mentor). There will also be workshops around college prep, applying to college, career development, etc.   ZOOOM from home


Chess Club:  Friday 4-5pm (4 students)  Teaching basics of chess.  If you are interested in chess, there may be a playing group Monday through Thursday from 4-5pm


Knowledge is Power Book Club:  Adult community book club  Thursday 6-7   The focus of last semester’s book club was anti-racism.  They are halfway through  This Book is Antiracist by Tiffany Jewell and Aurelia Durand. If you cannot afford to purchase this book contact  we can purchase for you.


Immigration Podcast and Documentary making with high school students.  Friday 4-5pm.  5 students.  This group is in the process of creating a documentary about the experience of Mexican immigrants in Norristown.  All college students are welcome.

High School Group  Fridays 6-7:30pm 5 students-- ZOOM to home.     Half of the meeting the group will do an activity around mental health and emotional well-being and healthy relationships.  The remainder CCATE or Villanova students will lead fun and interactive activities to build community.  From CCATE:  Right now we have about a 1-1 number of college mentors to high schoolers, but we always welcome additional college students to join us as we believe that the more interactions high schoolers have with college students, the better!

Currently Trending:  Saturday 11-1pm   on the following,   Spring Semester:  1/16, 2/20, 3/20, 4/17,5/22 (ZOOM)  5 students   Orientation TBA

Description:  Meet high school students from the Philadelphia area who have chosen to be a part of  CurrentlyTrending. Be a part of learning about the unique gifts and talents of high school students who might otherwise go unnoticed or forgotten. Your role will be to use what you have been given to mentor them in any way they need.  You may design and implement programs for the first hour or just join in a schedule program or activity.  The second hour will be tutoring.  Ms. Wayman said there might be opportunities to help with  college essays, but you may be working on homework, projects, or papers for school.     Currently Trending is an organization run by (Principal Linda Wayman ted talk)  who you met during orientation.



As the largest not-for-profit exclusively for young people and social change, DoSomething’s millions of members represent every US area code and 131 countries.   Using our digital platform, DoSomething members join our volunteer, social change, and civic action campaigns to make real-world impact on causes they care about. Sorry in advance for the #humblebrag, but here are just a few of our greatest campaigns.  Students will work in groups or independently on the project of their choice.  They will report their progress or activity in 4th hour and their final essay will summarize the experience.

LEVEL   Service days and times   10 SLC students  will create their own time to meet with their LEVEL partner on campus and attend all LEVEL organizational meetings. 

What will you do if you serve with LEVEL?  SLC students who choose LEVEL will be partnered with a student who is challenged with physical, emotional, or learning differences.  SLC students will assist their partner with homework, transcribe notes from class or do whatever is needed to help another student achieve their academic potential.  The most important part of this service is to Level the playing field for students of differing abilities.  Through communication and relationship you will find ways to include others who we might otherwise not be included in the social, spiritual, and psychological fabric of our community.

*Mighty Writers   12 SLC Students  (ZOOM)   Start date will be end of September.  They are registering their students after labor day *(on Hold if interested contact to be put on a list.  Mighty Writers does not have ZOOM technology to provide more than one tutor at a time.

·         4-6 interns for 2 (VU students) :1 remote contact that would begin around 9/22?  (Has to be 2:1-Villanova students cannot be alone with a minor.  8 SSLC students

·         4-6 interns for editing student submissions for Teen Magazine

 Everything we do at Mighty Writers is designed to combat Philadelphia’s literacy crisis. Some forty percent of our city’s students drop out of high school and half of all working-age adults have basic literacy issues. These are the statistics we are out to change.  Our volunteers are integral to our success. Over 300 of the city’s best creative minds (writers. teachers, journalists, artists, etc.) teach and mentor some 2,000 kids at Mighty Writers annually.

The primary mission of Redeemed for a Cause Outreach (RFAC) is to serve as a catalyst for trafficked women and girls to realize their intrinsic worth and true potential.  We seek to return hope to the lost, abandoned, broken, rejected, and abused and guide our victims/survivors through a true metamorphosis of the mind, body, and spirit. In rebuilding themselves and their lives, our women and girls realize their intrinsic worth, true potential, and life purpose. Our women and girls become redeemed.  (in progress)

If you are a sophomore leader for Ruibal you will use this service to fulfill your SLC service commitment.  Hours and placement will be managed through Ruibal.


Sisters Returning Home  

Tuesday, Thursday  9-10:30am  2 students each day.   Sisters Retuning Home assists women returning from prison to the community by re-establishing their connections to family while helping  to build and develop self-esteem, self-respect, self-confidence and self-sufficiency”.  The goal of this program is to provide women with workplace competence and personal development skills that will allow them to obtain permanent employment.  You will learn about the strength and resilience of women whose lives have been interrupted by incarceration.    

1.       Students will join women at a workshop designed to develop workforce skills.  Students will assist the women in resume writing, cold calls to areas businesses (restaurants and hotels), interview skills.  Women will keep resume’s on google docs, so students will be able to review and edit with the women.


2.       Research:  SRH will provide 5 areas of research that will benefit their work in advocacy and grant writing.

Students will have the opportunity to speak with the women and directors if necessary, for research.


Translators without Boundaries.  translates more than ten million words per year for non-profit organizations by working with thousands of volunteer translators worldwide. Our work focuses on crisis response, development, capacity building, and advocacy. By specializing in language solutions, we provide meaningful and critical support that allows the core work of a wide range of non-profit and aid organizations to be more impactful and to better serve communities.  The work of Translators without Borders is focused on providing people with access to vital knowledge in their language by: Providing translations for non-profit organizations in the areas of crisis relief, health, and education, Building capacity by training new translators in under-resourced languages, Raising awareness of why language matters in humanitarian work.  Students will work in groups or independently on the project of their choice.  They will report their progress or activity in 4th hour.  Students will work in groups or independently on the project of their choice.  They will report their progress or activity in 4th hour and their final essay will summarize the experience.



Office of Service Learning

Noreen Cameron, M.S., Director
Mary Aiello, Administrative Assistant

SAC 386