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Service Site Registration

To view this registration page, please log into your browser in the upper right hand corner.  To register for a service site, please complete the registration form. You will receive an email confirmation with the location, date and time listed. The times listed include travel time. If you need to change service sites from a previous registration, re-register now, it will overwrite your old registration and your new registration will be your active one. You will receive an email with the new registration information.

If you want to add a second site or to change sites, please contact    


List of Service Sites   

Students in the Sophomore Service Learning Community, Education majors/minors or students taking a class with a Service requirement can register for a service site below.

If you do not see the site listed in the drop down menu, the site is closed.   

NOTE:  Due to COVID-19 all sites are subject to change. 


ACLAMO: First Year and Sophomores Service-Learning Community 15 students each day. 
Monday through Thursday
Start date 10/04

For New Volunteers only:  You must complete application and upload forms here  When application and forms are complete we will set up service orientation.

Homework help and reading.   You will be assigned to a teacher and age group. There will be a class meeting and then you will be divided up into small groups for homework and reading. If students are finished and still online, you can be creative with the use of time.   There must always be 2 Villanova tutors with ACLAMO children. You will be working during a hardworking Mexican Community who want the best for their children and their future.  (Triple Clearance required)

start 9/17

Limited to 7 students from SLC

Every Friday morning, the Villanova chapter of Back on My Feet takes to the streets of Philadelphia and runs together with those experiencing homelessness. By engaging in running together as a means to build relationships, self-confidence, routine and self-esteem, Villanova students take part in getting the homeless back on their feet.

*CCATE:   Center for Culture, Art, Training and Education.  Norristown PA

Orientation:  CCATE VOLUNTEERS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND ZOOM ORIENTATION  Wednesday, September 15,  6-7pm  Join Zoom Meeting

The mission of CCATE is to ignite social transformation developing the talents and empowering the Latin community through education, culture, art, technology, health, and science.  The coordinator of interns and volunteers will meet with students interested in working at CCATE and match you to a volunteer opportunity.   You will have the opportunity to work with a grass roots organization who works with the community in determining their needs and opportunities.  


Monday through Thursday 4-7:00 pm 
After School Program
(6 volunteers per day)
Homework help, academic enrichment through games and dialogue
Special Topic Classes for Youth during Afterschool Program Villanova students in groups at same time will travel together.

Monday 5:30-7:30
Painting and Drawing Class
(1-2 volunteers)

Reading Circle       (1 volunteer)

Appreciative Inquiry Monday 6-7 Youth (1-3 volunteers)
In this class, children will learn some of the methodology behind appreciative inquiry in order to dream and design programming at CCATE based on children’s perspectives. For more information on appreciative inquiry:,


Tuesday 5:30 – 7:30 pm  (includes drive time)
Finding your voice
(1-2 volunteers)
This class will focus on literacy with reading and writing in Spanish and English, with the goal of children developing literacy through self-expression.

Opening the Heart (1-2 volunteers)
Children will learn how to identify and express their emotions through ART and other modes of expression.

*2D Animation
  (1-2 volunteers)
In this class children will learn programming related to 2D animation in the computer lab.

Wednesday 5:30 – 7:30pm (includes drive time) (or another time based on student availability

Chess Club
Teaching children how to play chess. We don't currently have an instructor but would love to offer this. 

Girls Empowerment Group/ Chicas Unidas
Wednesday 4:30 – 6:30 pm ( includes drive time) (1-2 volunteers) (Mackenzie Meagher is slated for this class, so we could take one other volunteer)
Elementary and middle school girls will participate in activities to build community, problem solve, and create dialogue around important issues as identified by our students  Note: We usually have a small group 5-10 girls, but we welcome Villanova students who would like to help.

(1-2 volunteers)  5:30 – 7:30pm (includes drive time
This class will be led by a High School freshman, and he will be working with younger children to develop theater pieces to perform at CCATE.

Thursday 4:30-6:30PM (includes drive time)

Gardening (5-7 volunteers)
The full seasonal cycle of the gardening class brings students closer to the natural rhythms of our world, while at the same time connecting them to the source of their food, the roots of their heritage and the amazing science behind it all.  Through hands-on weekly workshops, the students of the Gardening class explore topics in science and sustainability while developing skills to cultivate their own vegetables and eat healthier.

5:30-7:30 PM (includes drive time)

Mural Paining  Thursday  (4-5 volunteers)

Youth PAR  Thursdays  (1-3 volunteers)
In this youth participatory action research class, middle and high schoolers will continue their research project on the topic of Equitable school funding.


Friday 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM (includes drive time)

Immigrate Podcast & Film Making High School 
Friday 4-5pm (1-4 volunteers)
This semester students will be focusing on making a documentary film about the immigrant experience in Norristown.

4:30-7:30PM  (includes drive time)High School Group  (1-2 volunteers)
The programming will be oriented towards post-secondary success activities


10:30 - 1:30 pm Photography Club

MUSIC PROGRAM   Beats by Girlz Day/time TBD (1-2 volunteers)
CCATE is looking for co-instructors for the Beats by Girlz music production program to take place in the computer lab at CCATE (see link for description). This would involve partnering with 1-2 other volunteer teachers, getting a short online training on how to use the technology/music software, and co-leading a class for girls at CCATE. We could schedule the class based on volunteer availability, ideally it would be weekly for an hour, but could meet less frequently for longer periods of time. We are very flexible and can work around students’ schedules.


Tuesday 7:15-8:15  ZOOM
English Circle
   (2 volunteers)

Saturday (ZOOM  Time TBA)

English Circle, also online   1 student  time and start date TBD

Thursdays  6:30 - 9:30 pm   (start date TBD)
Women’s ART GROUP- Las Artivistas  Women only read carefully this is a group you join not a volunteer position but would be considered service for SLC or class requirement. Start date TBD
Las Artivistas is a growing art collective that creates a space for women to express their creativity, reflect on their identities, and explore pressing social issues. As a community, we are working to discover and share our voices through multidisciplinary artistic expression. We suggest a pacifist revolution through art and activism, where intuition and love accompanied by solidarity, equity and justice are our main guides and goal.  

Adult Health Circle  If you are interested in joining a 
community group focused on health and community-based research for equitable access and health outcomes for the Latinx immigrant community.  (not a service position, learning with the community)   9/29, 10/13(VU break), 10/27,  11/10, 11/24 (VU thanksgiving break), 12/8.  2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month  (3-4 volunteers)



Community Based Research   (1-3 volunteers)
Students will be given assignments about research they can do in 3 hours of their own time. They will report to Dr. Holly Link and meet to talk about the significance and reason the research is essential to CCATE Community.  Students may speak with professors of SSLC courses to determine if this research can be used for class project. 

Appreciative Inquiry Summit at CCATE the first weekend in October
(1-4 volunteers)

  • This summit is not simply an educational event or a conference, but a weekend together in which we will leverage the strengths and talents that exist within our community as we celebrate 10 years of CCATE and dream and plan together for our future. This unique event is not only an opportunity for you as a stakeholder to experience our innovative model of collaborative leadership, but also one in which your own experiences and ideas will help shape our future as an organization. This will take place outside under a tent in CCATE’s front yard.
    • Friday, October 1, 6-8pm
    • Saturday, October 2, 10am-8pm
    • Sunday, October 3, 1-6pm
  • Help is needed in the following areas:
    • Set up and take down 
    • Help organizing meals and snacks
    • Help with logistics of planning

Currently Trending:
Saturday 10-1pm
Fall Semester:  9/18, 10/23, 11/13, 12/4
5 students
Orientation TBA

Description:  Meet high school students from the Philadelphia area who have chosen to be a part of  Currently Trending. Be a part of learning about the unique gifts and talents of high school students who might otherwise go unnoticed or forgotten. Your role will be to use what you have been given to mentor them in any way they need.  You may design and implement programs for the first hour or just join in a schedule program or activity.  The second hour will be tutoring.  Ms. Wayman said there might be opportunities to help with college essays, but you may be working on homework, projects, or papers for school.  Currently Trending is an organization run by (Principal Linda Wayman ted talk) who you met during orientation.

Face to Face
Sundays 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm, this includes travel time - start 9/13

You will be serving meals at this organization.

Guests are greeted with smiles, handshakes, and welcoming hugs.  Flowers, sometimes fresh, adorn each table.  Volunteers serve nourishing 3-course meals to guests who enjoy being waited on and interacting with their servers. We are distinguished both by what we do and the manner in which we do it.  Face to Face believes that each guest is the equal of each staff member and volunteer.

Sometimes we share a laugh; sometimes celebrate a birthday or other special occasion, sometimes a challenge is shared, but all the time there is a Face to Face connection with each and every guest.  As one guest said... I came for something to eat because crack had taken over my life.  I lost my family, my job, my home.  You fed me and you inspired me.”


3520 Fairmount Ave.  Philadelphia 19140 Phone:  215-387-1066 Program Director: Angelique Israel 

Service days and times   Wednesday/Thursday 3:30-6:30pm   (4 students)  1:1 Program Start date TBA


MW’s mission is to teach Philadelphia kids 5-8th grade students to think and write with clarity so they can achieve success at school, at work and in life.


Clearances  All  volunteers will need triple clearance/background checks and EDU risk to be approved to volunteer and go through minors training with Noreen Cameron:  Follow direction for background checks for Villanova volunteers in this link.     

You must be prepared to  fill out MW application, turn in copies of clearance results and proof of COVID vaccine to Mighty Writers.  Start date TBA


Everything we do at Mighty Writers is designed to combat Philadelphia’s literacy crisis. Some forty percent of our city’s students drop out of high school and half of all working-age adults have basic literacy issues. These are the statistics we’re out to change.  Our volunteers are integral to our success. Over 300 of the city’s best creative minds (writers. teachers, journalists, artists, etc.) teach and mentor some 2,000 kids at Mighty Writers annually. For more information about our approach consult the Volunteer Handbook. Learn more about the clearance process. Learn more about MW’s Volunteer Covid Vaccination Policy.

What do volunteers do?

-Start the afternoon with homework and then work as a teaching assistant in a writing class

  • Have a reliable understanding of the writing process, including planning, drafting, revision and publication.
    Help students with homework and writing projects.
    Participate in writing instruction and writing activities side-by-side with students and teacher.
    Exhibit patience, emotional maturity, and an ability to multitask in a dynamic and fun environment.

Students will create their own time to meet with their LEVEL partner on campus.

Limited to 6 SSLC students.

LEVEL was created by a student on campus to partner students with differing abilities.  SLC students who choose LEVEL will be partnered with a student who is challenged with physical, emotional or learning differences.  SLC students will assist students with homework, transcribe notes from class or do whatever is needed to help another student achieve their academic potential.  The most important part of this service is to Level the playing field for students of differing abilities.  Through communication and relationship you will find ways to include others who we might otherwise not be included in the social, spiritual and psychological fabric of our community.

Sisters  Returning Home  Women’s empowerment after prison

Service days and times  Wednesday or  Thursday 8:00am-11:20am (includes transportation)  3 students each day

Mission SRH mission is to assist women ex-offenders to successfully re-establish their connection to the community and their families, while helping them to build and develop their self-esteem, sufficiency, reliance and respect.   The goal of this program is to provide women with workplace competence and personal development skills that will allow them to obtain permanent employment.  Activities include Literacy training, computer and GED training for women who are reentering society after imprisonment.

What will you do when you serve with Sisters Returning Home? You will have the opportunity to work with the staff of Sisters Returning Home on their projects to serve and Advocate for women getting out of prison.

  • Office work and Assistance with Projects for education and advocacy
  • Fundraising
  • Educational Programs
  • Contact with the women will be limited due to COVID restrictions

General Assist SRH with new or ongoing projects for the women who come to the center and those who have completed post incarceration program and achieved independence, or women not associated with SRH who are living in the community post incarceration.

If you get a change to be with the Women who come to Sisters Returning Home you may work on  Personal resource development, GED tutoring, Literacy, Computer skills, resume writing and or Interview skills. You may be asked to plan workshops for the women that will help them manage their lives post incarceration.