4th Hour

4th Hour Fall 2018 Syllabus Word Document printable version

Reading:  Why Serve:  Dialectic of Service and Learning

Written:  Life Line (see end of syllabus) and respond to the question, Why Serve?

Reading: Pedagogy of the Oppressed Chapter 3 pages 1-4

Written:  How do you think dialogue can or has transformed you or social policy or practice?  Name 5 to 10 ways you want the world to change.


Reading:  Chapter 1   “Higher Ground”    Just Mercy

Written:  Write about an experience that propelled you to want to serve others or changed the way you think about what is right or wrong or just.   Develop 3 questions for 4th hour.

Bryan Stevenson Lecture in the Villanova Room in the Connelly Center at 4:00 pm

Reading:  Theories of Poverty, Who or What is to Blame?  pp. 13-23

Written:  Respond to the questions: What is Poverty? Who is responsible to find a solution?  Develop 3 questions for fourth hour about justice?

Reading:  Find an article/ essay about poverty or the issue at your service site. Do your own search or see resources:   http://poverty.umich.edu/about/ or http://www.philly.com/philly/opinion/commentary/philadelphia-poverty-resolve-economics-opinion-20180419.html  


No written assignment this week.  Divide into groups for group project presentations by service site or social issue at your site.  i.e.; Homelessness, literacy



Reading:   Shoshana Guy   https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/in-plain-sight/americas-invincible-city-brought-its-knees-poverty-violence-v17225824, 2015  

Written:  Write a response to the Camden Video.   

http://playspent.org/   You did this exercise in preparation for your interview for SLC.  Try it again and see if your response is different after the video and service experience.

Reading:    Eby, John.  “Why is Service Learning Bad” http://bonnernetwork.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/54644691/Why%20Service%20Learning%20Is%20Bad%20Eby.pdf

Written Write about your fist few week(s) at your service site. Respond to Eby’s reflection by examining how you can make service learning good. 


Student or small group will report on the comparison data of 2  zip codes, the one  in which you serve to the zip code of the home of  someone in your small group.

Compare your neighborhood with the neighborhood where you serve. Include demographics about race and income, average state tests scores, college degrees and any information that will help you understand what you see and experience.  What do you need to know to understand what you see at your service site?

Resources for data on Schools


Reading:  Choose an article/video that addresses the issues at your service site it could be problem based or solution based.


Written: Make the connection between what you experience at your service site and what you learned at the partnership dinner.  What did you learn from talking with your partners at dinner or from the panel?  What question do you wish the panel addressed.

Written: Write about a specific incident/revelation or moment at service important to you.

Add to your lifeline one incident related to SLC and if so desired life in general.  


Written Assignment: Respond to these questions about your first semester in SLC.

  1.  Describe what you have learned this semester?  What you have unlearned?
  2.  What have you learned about the community in which you served?
  3.  What questions do you have?
  4.  What do you want learn about next semester?  Topics?
  5.  What is one thing you would change about fourth hour?
  6.  Suggestions for community building next semester?