4th Hour

4th Hour Spring 2020 Syllabus  

Welcome to Spring 2020


Think about this?

What are the origins of hate?  What is  hate, prejudice or bias that exists without negative experience of the person who is different? How do people learn to hate? How does  power and privilege affect the consequences of that thinking. What makes people change to move toward love or move to bigotry? 

No Fourth hour this week.  SLC  Spring 2020 Lecture


Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Lecture or freedom school  6:30pm  Villanova Room  Valerie Kaur   “Revolution of Love”  https://valariekaur.com/


Optional if you have class during lecture

Freedom School-if you had class during lecture above



Reading:   Reading:  Dr. Martin Luther King,  Washington D.C.  1963  “I Have a Dream”

Written:  “Your dream for America”  Email to instructor and facilitators.


Reading: White Privilege Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.  Peggy McIntosh  https://www.racialequitytools.org/resourcefiles/mcintosh.pdf


Choose one other reading

 “Racial Profiling on the Main Line.”   Steve Volk, Philadelphia Magazine. November 30, 2015.    Or

Caroline Foley “Construction of Self Essay:  Written for SSLC 4th hour by past member of SSLC.


Written:  What is your privilege?  What is your challenge based on your race, ethnicity, ability or faith tradition?   Name 3 statements from the McIntosh piece that made an impression on  you and a couple  you would challenge.

Community meeting  Monday, Monday, Feb 3. 6-7:15pm  East Lounge  Dougherty

·         Community Action Projects  (CAP)

·         Goals for second semester

·         SSLC and Caritas Leadership  application and interview

See this link for CAP for Form

Student choice  (one or two groups on different topics related to SLC, service or current event)

1.        Students are assigned in 4th hour on 1/27 to choose a topic and lead 4th hour discussion.

2.       Leaders should have reliable source of information

3.       Students assign readings, video or essay  by 2/3 to their fourth hour

4.       Students can use video, agree disagree or any form of exercise to create discussion



Read  People First Language  “People First Language by Kathie Snow”  from disabilityisnatural.com


Assignment:  Practice people first language this week.  Keep track of when you need to think about it and how it feels.  Be prepared to share about your experience.


Service reflection/service site presentations/CAP projects


Time for groups to meet in 4th hour to prepare service site presentations and student choice  and talk about CAP projects.

Educational inequity


Find an article or video that helps you understand the questions you have about how we educate the children of the United States. Topic could be educational equity or inequality in education in the US.  (see resource page for websites)


Sample questions

1.       Does educational opportunity or quality affect the people at my service site?  How and why?

2.       Who has the most opportunity?  Who has the least?  Does this data apply to the people I serve?

3.       How does education affect society, culture, community, politics, income?


Written work:  Connect the dots between what you learned about educational opportunity/outcomes and the people you serve.


Find a reliable source of information about US immigration that responds to your interests and questions in order to come up with your own statement or policy about Immigration into the United States. (see written assignment)


Written assignment:  What is your stance on immigration in the US?  What is your rationale?  What questions do you have? 


Optional Reading:

 “Night will be No More”  Pastoral letter to the People of God in El Paso after shooting of 20 people.  https://www.hopeborder.org/nightwillbenomore-eng

Myths and Facts about Immigration;  President G W Bush Institute https://www.bushcenter.org/catalyst/immigration/collins-immigration-myths.html


Student choice, service site presentations or service reflection

SLC and Caritas Community will come together, to remember and to celebrate our year together.  CAP Project presentations and display


Evaluation and Celebration as Fourth hour.
you will be sent a  link to a Google Form to fill out for purposes of evaluation and reflection.