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4th Hour

4th Hour Fall 2020 Syllabus  

Welcome to Spring 2021—Your instructor will let you know if you are meeting this week.

No Fourth hour this week. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Lecture or freedom school The Radical King and the Quest to Change America" Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Wednesday, February 3, 2021 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
MLK Keynote Zoom Link Dr. Taylor is a scholar of racial inequality in public policy making and the various ways that Black communities have challenged or resisted these constraints. She writes extensively on race and politics, Black social movements and organizing, and radical activism and politics.

Freedom School Schedule

Written reflection Write a personal response to the Keynote Address or Freedom School Session. Please do not submit a summary of what you heard. Respond in your own voice, agree, disagree, or question. Write about, what you want to know more about or how you are thinking and feeling about what you heard. “We want you to take risks, to think deeply about Dr. Taylor’s address or the Freedom School you attended so that the classroom can be alive with your thoughts and voice. That is where dialogue begins.

Topic: Power and Privilege –Anti-Racism (form groups f or student choice 2/22

Reading: White Privilege Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.  Peggy McIntosh

Racial Profiling on the Main Line.”   Steve Volk, Philadelphia Magazine. November 30, 2015.    Or

Caroline Foley “Construction of Self Essay:  Written for SSLC 4th hour by past member of SSLC

Written reflection:  What is the “myth of meritocracy?”  Can you add 3 privileges to Dr. McIntosh’s list?

Name one unearned privilege you have and example of how you have experienced that privilege?  Can you name an unearned bias toward you, and how you have experienced that bias?  Try to be as specific as Possible.

Think about  What you have thought, done that reflects judgement on a group of people you see as “other” based on their identity?  This can be very subtle and often unconscious at the time of through or action.


No assignments— University working break –Service Reflection.

Think about your service, what is your experience, how has it impacted you and your view of current events of your dreams for a better country, policies, and society.  Has there been a moment in service that moved you to think about issues that affect the people you serve?  What is the issue?  Would you like to raise a question in 4th hour, so you  know what others think about your question?


Be prepared to share a “story” about your service that has had an impact on you?  What did you learn from this experience?  What have you unlearned?

Student choice (one or two groups on different topics related to SLC, service or current event)
1. Students are assigned in 4th hour on 2/3 to choose a topic and lead 4th hour discussion.
2. Leaders should have reliable source of information
3. Students assign readings, video, or essay 2/15 to their fourth hour.
4. Students can use video, agree disagree or any form of exercise to create discussion.




Read  People First Language  “People First Language by Kathie Snow” 

Facts about disability

What do to this week:  Practice people first language this week.  Keep track of when you need to think about it and how it feels.  Be prepared to share about your experience.


Written reflection: Chose one of these questions and respond.  These are the discussion questions for 4th hour.

When you think of a person with a disability, do you focus on the things the person can do or cannot do? Where do you get the information on which you base your views?

When you think of a person with a disability, do you have sympathy or feel pity for the person?

When you meet a person with a disability, do you see the person’s disability before you see the person?

Do you think about people with disabilities as a group or as individuals?

Do you consider people with disabilities as different from people without disabilities? If so, how are they different?

Do you speak to and interact with people with disabilities differently than you do with people without disabilities? If so, how, and why?

Service Reflection

No reading or writing assignment “University Working Break.”

Be prepared to talk about service, past, present. Be prepared with questions you have a result of your service experience. Think about social change and what must happen for the people you serve to reach their potential. If everyone has what they need to reach potential, we are all served by their talents and skills. When people are harmed and diminished, we are all harmed and diminished. Does that make sense?


Educational inequity


Read:  What your 1st Grade live,  Says about the rest of it.  


The costs of inequality: Education’s the one key that rules them all   Harvard Gazette, 2016.


Think about this for your writing assignment and focus on what you think is important;  What is the difference between equality and equity regarding education?  What factors affect a child’s trajectory in school?  What are the consequences in a society where a good education is not available?


Written reflection:  Connect the dots between what you learned about educational opportunity/outcomes and the people you serve.


Think about these questions for 4th hour.

1.       Does educational opportunity or quality affect the people at my service site?  How and why?

2.       Who has the most opportunity?  Who has the least?  Does this data apply to the people I serve?

3.       How does education affect society, culture, community, politics, income?


Monday 4th our only

See 4/5 for Monday 4th hour assignments No 4th hour the rest of the week for Easter Break.

Service Reflection


View video “The Danger of a Singe Story  Chimamanda Adichie


Written reflection What is the single story that describes the population you serve?  Write your own short story about the people you serve. 


Be prepared to read all or part of your essay in 4th hour.

Student Choice 2-3 students will plan and implement a 4th hour about something that needs to change to create a more just world. It can be an issue that affects those we serve or something broader we have not had a chance to talk about in 4th hour or did talk about but needs more time or different perspective. Presentation and discussion must include some action we all can take to be a part of the change. What is our role in creating a more just world?

Sample topics Immigration, Mass incarceration watch 13th (Netflix), Antiracism, Mental Health, Health Care.

Last week of 4th hour.

What now? Evaluation—celebration

CELEBRATION DINNER 6PM Villanova Room Connelly Center. Due to Covid Villanova Room may not be available. Place will be confirmed closer to date.
SLC and Caritas Community will come together, to remember and to celebrate our year together. CAP Project presentations and display