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Application  for co-chairs and facilitators  You must complete application and make an appointment for an interview by Monday April 6 at midnight 


Sign up for interview in the application. Interview time April 5, 5pm,6pm and 7pm  April 8th 5pm, 6pm and 7pm

Applicants must also have a recommendation to accompany their application




Through Course work (learning) service, (praxis) and Reflection (essays) and dialogue (4th hour) we practice service learning so as to critically think about social problems and advocate for the common good.   Through this process we become a community who grows and learns for the sake of others.

A student leader is a responsible member of the Service Learning Community.  She/he has been faithful to their commitments during their freshman or sophomore year in SLC and is choosing to continue their search for knowledge that benefits the communities where we serve.

Characteristics of a leader in SLC

  • Commitment to SLC community as an academic community which connects service and learning as integral partners.  
  • Commitment  to professional  and intellectual development
  • Commitment to a deeper exploration of topics covered in fourth hour through reading and dialogue.
  • Positive role model for sophomores in the community.
  • Understanding that they are growing and learning with sophomores and the broader community outside of Villanova.
  • Committed to the development of all components of SLC
  • Commitment to service
* Brochure 2019.docx
Leadership Brochure

Roles and Responsibilities

Facilitators cultivate an open-minded and informed environment to encourage the SLC community to learn and grow together.

Instructors and students facilitators work together to engage SLC students in dialogue to instill in them a desire to learn and to create a safe space in which students can “unlearn



  • Co-Lead a weekly 4th hour seminar
  • Weekly prep meeting with instructor/co-facilitator
  • Read  student essays
  • Read 4th hour articles
  • Attend Service
  • Mandatory monthly Education and development meetings

*Policy* If facilitators miss two out of three meetings without a legitimate excuse, they will be asked to step down from the position. Excuses will be determined by the Director of Service Learning in coordination with the Graduate Assistant and co-chair responsible for facilitator education and training. Sickness or emergencies are considered excused absence. Advanced notice is appreciated: submit reason for absence to


Co-Chairs are junior or senior SLC alums. Co-chairs assist in the development of the SLC community.   Co-chairs plan and implement SLC events and manage communication with all constituents of SLC. All co-chairs must participate in a weekly meeting (approx. 2 hours), service (3 hours), and head or co-head a sub-committee.


What we are looking for in a perspective Co-Chair:

  • All aspects stated in the perspective student facilitator section
  • Organization and leadership skills to plan programs for the community



  • Weekly newsletter
  • Advertising Community events
  • Updates from 4th Hour Council
  • Advertise service sign ups, CAP meeting, etc.
  • Manages student input

Special Events

  • Take attendance at all community events
  • New Sophomore Orientation (Fall Semester)
  • Partnership Dinner (Fall Semester)
  • Celebration Dinner (Spring Semester)
  • Partnership Day (Spring Semester)             
  • Welcome Day/Freshman BBQ (Spring Semester)

4th Hour Council

  • Hold weekly meeting (sophomore representatives from each 4th Hour)
  • Create agenda and circulate meeting minutes to other co-chairs
  • Recruit new leadership through 4th Hour
  • Share and generate information with and from 4th hours
  • Organize community events
  • Decorate the bulletin board
  • Assist with Partnership Dinner (Fall Semester) and Partnership Day (Spring Semester)
  • Solicit feedback from sophomores

Facilitator Liaison

  • Plan and Implement Facilitator Meetings with Co-chairs, Graduate Assistant and Director (approx. 3/semester)
  • Recruit leadership
  • Interview leadership
  • Facilitator 4th hour

Service Co-Chair

  • Service Orientation (Fall Semester)
  • CAP Orientation (Spring Semester)
  • Create service reflection activities for van time
  • Site visits-This co chair would not have regular service assignment

Office of Service Learning

Noreen Cameron, M.S., Director
Mary Aiello, Administrative Assistant

SAC 386