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Sophomore Service Learning Community

The Purpose of SLC

Students who are interested in an intentional community focused on the integration of knowledge and experience related to service with poor and marginalized communities.

As a member of our community you will:

1: Serve at a local community partner

2: Learn in one of the many justice oriented Service Learning Courses

3: Live and Grow with other Community members in 4th Hour and Alumni Hall

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In 4th Hour, Community Members are able to discuss what they have been learning in their courses and what they are experiencing at their service sites to .

Here are some examples of how the three aspects, 4th Hour, Courses, and Service, can work together:

Poverty Perspectives on US Poverty:  Sociology 2950-00  
Homelessness Race, Class and Gender PJ 2800-001 Back On My Feet
Immigration Race and Ethnic Relations SOC 3600-001 ACLAMO
Education Education & Social Justice PJ 2500-100 Cristo Rey High School
Incarceration Justice and Society CRM 3001 – 001 and 002 Phoenix  Prison

For the SSLC Syllabus and Assignments Click HERE

For a Complete List of Service Learning Courses Click HERE

For a Complete List of Service Sites Click HERE

Alumni Hall

What is Service Learning Community

Service: You will mentor a child or teen, tutor in classroom and after school programs, teach adult literacy, teach in local high schools, and teach Peer Mediation to elementary school children or high school students for 3-4 hours per week.

There are soup kitchen and homeless shelter service sites available.

Learning: You are required to take one course fall and spring semester that are designated for the Sophomore Service Learning Community. You are also required to register for a 1 credit integrating seminar.

Community: You will live with students who share values and desire to serve the poor and examine the causes and structures in society which keep people poor. You will enjoy Community nights, evenings of reflection celebration dinners, orientation in August and January and day of service in September and opportunities to choose some weekends of service.