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Office of Service Learning

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"But let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream”
Amos 5:24


June 10, 2020

Dear Students,

If we are truly in this together, we will listen, listen to those who are in pain and listen to those who can help us respond to that pain with an open mind and heart. The Office of Service Learning and The Service-Learning Community is committed to listening to our community partners so we can provide service on their terms.   We are committed to becoming people  who seek context and  wisdom through learning and dialogue so that we can act justly on behalf and with the people we serve and their communities who we come to know and  love.

We believe that transformation is always possible, but hard work is required to unlearn implicit bias inherent in our country and how it has affected Black lives and families.  It is hard work to examine the past and re-imagine a future in which there is no privilege based on  race, religion, country of origin, ability, gender, or sex.  More importantly it will require commitment from all of us to us to live that vision.  

Villanova University leadership is committed to doing that hard work to become a more just community and provides resources for us. Please review the web page of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Villanova has a diverse group of leaders whose work it is to teach us, practice with us and call us out when we are not acting justly. 

Seek the truth about your pain, yourself, and your privilege and our country. Listen with the assumption that African Americans/Blacks who are crying out for justice are speaking the truth about their experience and have  wisdom about life in our country.  Listen to others struggling to understand their privilege who are beginning the work they need to do to search for truth.  We do not understand what it is like to live in the body of another,  we can be allies and accomplices only if we do so on the terms of those who are oppressed.

The world must change.  We all must do our part and demand that it does.  It is my hope that we can be here for one another in our community and with our community partners in our weakness and strength, in our wisdom and ignorance, in our hope and fear. 


With hope,

Noreen Cameron  M.S.
Director, Office of Service Learning
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Please contact your 4th hour facilitators or instructions if you wish to meet to have a conversation. Or email, to be part of a discussion.  Resources for education from Project Home—committed to becoming antiracist. 


What is Service Learning? Service Learning courses are three-credit courses which connect course objectives with opportunities to meet the needs of people in underserved communities or work with agencies which advocate for the poor and or care for the environment. Integration of theoretical knowledge and experiential learning in the community provides a context for critical and constructive thinking and action that promotes the common good.

The community experience also provides a context for meaningful reflection which is an essential component of service learning. Our students and faculty will learn with people who face the challenges of poverty and marginalization and those who work to protect our environment. We will transform one another through these relationships.

A Service Learning course is a concrete expression of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences' commitment to values inherent in Catholic Social Teaching. The College will continue to build partnerships with agencies and schools who serve the poor and our environment so as to live out our mission to "prepare students to regard themselves as citizens living in a democratic society, as belonging to a world community, replete with communal responsibilities." —Academic Mission of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.



Service Site Registration

Students in the Sophomore Service Learning Community, Education majors/minors or students taking a class with a Service requirement can register for a service site.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Office of Service Learning
St. Augustine Center for the Liberal Arts
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

Noreen Cameron, Director
SAC Room 386

Mary Aiello, Administrative Assistant
SAC Room 385

We have a constantly evolving list of with faculty and community partners that change each semester.

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