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Affiliation Programs

Affiliation Programs

Villanova University has joined with several area Health Professions Universities to offer “fast track” combined Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts and Professional Degrees in the health sciences.

For students who feel an early certainty about their professional direction, Villanova offers the opportunity to apply simultaneously to the undergraduate degree program and the Kornberg School of Dentistry or the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.  Students in these programs spend three years at Villanova and  four years at the affiliate graduate program, at the end of which they will have earned a Bachelor’s degree from Villanova and a professional degree from the affiliate institution, shortening the total amount of time they will take to complete their degrees by one year.  These programs are currently offered in:

How it Works:  During their three years at Villanova, participants enjoy the full Villanova undergraduate experience, while completing the Core Curriculum and most of the major requirements for a Bachelor’s degree.  At the beginning of their fourth year, they transfer to their professional program, provided they have maintained a required gpa, and met any other requirements of their transfer contract, including minimum test scores.  The courses they take their first year at the partner institution will count both towards completion of their Bachelor’s degree at Villanova, and towards the first year of their professional degree.  Students who do not meet the requirements to complete the transfer remain at Villanova to complete their Bachelor’s degrees.  They may still apply to professional degree programs in their field of choice during the regular application season, along with their classmates who were not participating in the fast-track programs.

Please noteFast-track programs are only available to first-time freshman applicants

In addition to the “Fast Track” programs listed above, Villanova has an affiliation program with the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.  Students apply to this program during their sophomore year at Villanova.  Successful candidates matriculate to PCOM after completing their four years at Villanova.  

For further information, see the page on Osteopathic Medicine.