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Fall 2020

Lecture: “The Constitution in 2020
Michael Moreland of Villanova University's Charles Widger School of Law

Lecture: “Countess Sofia Panina: A Russian Liberal in an Era of Revolution
Adele Lindenmeyr of Villanova University 

Online Lecture: "Unity and Equality through Classics" by Dr. Anika Prather
The Ryan Center welcomed Dr. Anika Prather (Howard University; The Living Water School) at 7pm on Tuesday, Oct. 20, for an online lecture, “Seeking Unity and Equality through Classics.” Dr. Prather shared her story and what she has learned in her journey studying the Western canon as well as the importance of the classics for black liberation. This virtual event was open to the public. Please watch our recording of the lecture, which picks up after a brief introduction that wasn't captured due to technical difficulties. The Q & A is included at the end.


Spring 2020

Discussion Panel: “Shakespeare and Politics
Paul Cantor of the University of Virginia, Nichole Miller of Temple University, and Isaac Butler

Debate: “Catholicism and the Morality of Markets
William Cavanaugh of DePaul University & Jay Richards of The Catholic University of America 


Fall 2019

Debate: "Was the Electoral College about Slavery? Should It Be Reformed?"
Akhil Reed Amar of Yale Law School & Allen C. Guelzo of Princeton University

Lecture: "Augustine and Friendship"
John von Heyking of Lethbridge University

Lecture: "Winston Churchill on Politics as Friendship"
John von Heyking of Lethbridge University

Debate: "Is Nationalism a Virtue?"
Yoram Hazony of the Hertzl Institute & Aurelian Craiutu of Indiana University Bloomington
Elizabeth and J. Jay McAndrews Lecture on American Political Ideas


Spring 2019

Neighbor or Stranger: Morality, Legality and How Our Immigration Policy Defines Us
January 29, 2019, Christine Flowers Video

Rational Faith and Secular Unreason: Why Religious Freedom is Under Siege
March 29, 2019, Matthew Franck Video

Fall 2018

The New Speech Wars on Campus

September 27, 2018, James Piereson Video

Elizabeth and J. Jay McAndrews Lecture on American Political Ideas: "The Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Populism, Nationalism, and Identity Politics is Destroying American Democracy"

November 8, 2018, Jonah Goldberg Video  


Spring 2018

Elizabeth and J. Jay McAndrews Lecture on American Political Ideas: "The of Values, Virtues, and Challenges of a Liberal Education"

January 19, 2018, Cornel West, Robert P. George Video

Religion and Public Life Lecture: "Things to Come: Faith, State, and Society in a New World"

February 22, 2018, Charles Chaput Video   


Fall 2017

Harold W. Mood Memorial Lecture: "Winning Without War"

September 12, 2017, John Lenczowski Video

2017 Constitution Day Lecture: "We the People: Ronald Reagan's Constitutional Populism"

September 14, 2017, Henry Olsen, Charlie Gerow, Earl Baker, Moderator: Colleen Sheehan Video

Economics and Liberty Lecture: "Catholicism and the Morality of Markets"

November 8, 2017, R.R. Reno, Rober Sirico Video


Spring 2017

Russell Kirk Lecture: "Defending What We Are"

February 28, 2017, Roger Scruton Video


Fall 2016

2016 Constitution Day Lecture: "2016 and Beyond! A Conversation About the Presidential Election"

September 16, 2016, Ken Masugi, Daylin Leach, Moderator: Henry Olsen Video


Spring 2016

Harold W. Rood Memorial Lecture: "Terrorists' Strategic Communications"
February 2, 2016, Chris Harmon Video

At this Ryan Center event, Christopher C. Harmon spoke as an independent scholar about his research of 2010-2014 which was entirely privately-supported.

Elizabeth and J. Jay McAndrews Lecture on American Political Ideas: "The Marriage Question: A Dialogue" 
February 18, 2016, Ryan Anderson, Jonathan Turley Video


Fall 2015

Does the Constitution Shape the Nation's Character?
September 17, 2015, Paul Rahe Video

The Individual, Nation, and God: Liberty and the Old Testament
October 22, 2015, Steven Grosby Video

The Four Faces of the Republican Party: The Fight for the 2016 Presidential Nomination
November 11, 2015, Henry Olsen, Dante Scala Video


Spring 2015

Harold W. Rood Memorial Lecture: "Anticipating History: How Well Can China Control Its Destiny"
February 10, 2015, Stephen Cambone Video

Tocqueville and Individualism Today
March 26, 2015, Peter Lawler Video


Fall 2014

Citizens or Exiles? Catholics and the Constitution
September 18, 2014, James Stoner Video

The President Who Said No
October 23, 2014, Amity Shlaes Video

Coming Apart at the Seams: America’s New Cultural Divide
November 20, 2014, Charles Murray Video


Spring 2014

To Preserve, Protect and Defend: The Emancipation Proclamation
March 25, 2014, William Allen Video

The Comeback of Capitalism
April 22, 2014, Stephen Moore Video


Fall 2013

Harold W. Rood Memorial Lecture: "State Sponsors of Terrorism"
October 22, 2013, Christopher Harmon Video

Neo vs. the Karate Kid: Two Visions of Human Nature and Learning
November 14, 2013, Micah Watson Video

Constitution Day Lecture: "Marriage, the Courts, and the Constitution
September 12, 2013, John Eastman, Mark Rahdert Video


Spring 2013

New Century, New Deal: Modern America & Its Politics
April 4, 2013, Henry Olsen  Video

Human Scale and Human Politics: Fostering Civil Society and an Ethos of Gratitude
March 20, 2013, Mark Mitchell  Video


Fall 2012

Harold W. Rood Memorial Lecture: "Nothing Happens For No Good Reason: The Scholarship and Teaching of Harold W. Rood"
November 13, 2012, JD Crouch  Video

Shakespeare and America
September 24, 2012, John-Paul Spiro  Video


Spring 2012

Another Sort of Learning: How to Get an Education Even While in College
March 29, 2012, James Schall  Video

Tocqueville on the Sources of Greatness in Democratic Times
March 22, 2012, Aurelian Craiutu  Video

The Legitamate Role of Government in a Free Society
February 9, 2012, Walter Williams  Video


Fall 2011

Thinking about the Politically Correct University
November 29, 2011, Robert Maranto  Video

Jaffa on Jaffa: A Tour of Political Philosophy
November 10, 2011, Harry Jaffa, William Allen  Video

Constitution Day Symposium: "Censorship and Death"
September 16, 2011, Philip Hamburger, Amy Wax  Video


Fall 2010

Constitution Day Symposium:  “The United States Constitution, An Enduring Blueprint for Freedom in a Changing Society” 
September 25, 2010,  Tabatha Abu El-Haj, Richard Beeman, Vincent Blasi, Patrick McKinley Brennan, Viet D. Dinh, Samuel Issacharoff, Catherine Lanctot, John O. McGinnis, Robert T. Miller, Penelope Pether, Tuan Samahon, Colleen A. Sheehan, and Louis J. Sirico  Video


Spring 2010

An Exploration of the American Founding
April 8, 2010, Gordon Lloyd   Video

After the Market State: Phillip Blond on the Future of a Free Society
March 22, 2010, Phillip Blond  Video Part I  Video Part II

Washington’s Statecraft
March 17, 2010, William B. Allen  Video

The Lockean Republic: America in Light of Lockean Philosophy
February 17, 2010, Michael Zuckert  Video

The Priority of the Good Over the Right
January 28, 2010, Joseph DesJardins  Video


Fall 2009

Civil Rights and the Pro-Life Movement
November 12, 2009, Alveda King  Video

Constitution Day Symposium: "The Political Thought of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton"
September 17, 2009, Stephen Knott, David Tucker  Video Part I  Video Part II

Roundtable Discussion - Hamilton Vs. Jefferson
September 17, 2009, Stephen Knott, David Tucker, Lawrence Little, Moderator:  Lara Brown Video


Spring 2009

James Madison Symposium
May 2, 2009, Radnor-St. David's Room, Villanova University

    James Madison's Political Philosophy: Malthus, Angels, and Machines
    May 2, 2009, Richard Matthews  Video

    James Madison and Democracy: The Complex Case for "Our Complicated System"
    May 2, 2009, Alan Gibson  Video

    George Washington: America's First Progressive
    April 16, 2009, William Allen  Video


The Better Angels of Our Nature: The Legacy of Abraham Lincoln
February 12-13, 2009, The Union League of Philadelphia & Villanova University

    The Legacy of Abraham Lincoln Cicero Podium Debate: America's Central Idea
    February 13, 2009, Hadley Arkes, Douglas W. Kmiec, Moderator: Michael Moreland, Special thanks to debate sponsor The     Intercollegiate Studies Institute  Video Part I   Video Part II

    An Apple of Gold in a Picture of Silver: Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Beecher Stowe
    February 13, 2009, Chair: Lawrence Little, William B. Allen, Alfred L. Brophy, Discussant: John C. Eastman  Video  Video

    Lincoln’s Priority: Union or Liberty for All?
    February 13, 2009, Chair: Allen Guelzo, Chandra Manning, Lucas Morel, Discussant: Derek Webb  Video Part I  Video Part II

    “Socratic Conversation”
    February 12, 2009, Harry V. Jaffa  Video

    “Lincoln and the Transatlantic World of Liberal Democracy”
    February 12, 2009, Allen Guelzo  Video