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We have adjusted our programming for the 2020-2021 academic year to align with Villanova University's COVID safety practices. While our virtual events are open to the public, any in-person, on-campus programming will be available only to those in the Villanova community who are approved to be on campus.


2020 - 2021 Programming


Virtual Lecture: "Unity and Equality through Classics" by Dr. Anika Prather.

The Ryan Center welcomed Dr. Anika Prather (Howard University; The Living Water School) at 7pm on Tuesday, Oct. 20, for an online lecture, “Seeking Unity and Equality through Classics.” Dr. Prather shared her story and what she has learned in her journey studying the Western canon as well as the importance of the classics for black liberation. This virtual event was open to the public. Please watch our recording of the lecture, which picks up after a brief introduction that wasn't captured due to technical difficulties. The Q & A is included at the end.


Signature Events and Programs Overview

The Ryan Center at Villanova University is dedicated to advancing civic education in a free, democratic society.  The Initiatives of the Ryan Center include: 

Major public lectures allow the Ryan Center to bring experts on campus who enrich the conversation among students, faculty, staff, and the broader community by adding fresh analysis to important subjects or by challenging accepted narratives.

Our goal is to have our public debates model civil and truth-seeking discourse between invididuals who disagree strongly on contentious topics. 

The Ryan Fellows program supports Villanova students who are interested in thoughtful civic engagement.

The Ryan Center hosts regular student-led discussions addressing political issues currently in the news.  These discussions are open to all Villnova undergraduates and seek to foster open, free, and educated discussions about contentious topics.

The Ryan Center organizes and holds student colloquia to promote intense reflection on focused topics and enduring texts tied to the consideration of free institutions and the public good.

The Ryan Center welcomes Villanova faculty who share our mission to become faculty associates. We support our associates by organizing colloquia for them, sponsoring conference travel, and extending invitations to meet with speakers and other guests of the Ryan Center.