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Registering for Classes

Course Registration

Students may check the date on the Graduate Academic Calendar to learn when registration begins. The Applied Statistics Graduate Director will send an email with information about courses being offered prior to the start of registration. Students should respond to this email with their course plan in order to receive approval and a registration Personal Identification Number (PIN). It is important that students register only for those courses that are appropriate to their status in the MSAS Graduate Program.

Students are able to obtain the schedule of courses for the upcoming semester with the corresponding names of professors, meeting times, room assignments, and textbooks. Students should send their emails in a timely fashion to increase their chances of availability of the courses for which they intend to register.

Full-Time Students - MSAS  

In their first academic year, full-time students must take at least 6 credits in the fall semester (usually STAT 7404 and STAT 8400)  and at least 6 credits in the spring semester (usually STAT 8401 and STAT 8406 ).

Thereafter, full-time students must take at least 9 credits during each semester of the following academic year, unless fewer than 9 credits are required in order to be able to accumulate at least 30 credits by the end of their second academic year. See the Typical Schedule for Full-Time MSAS Graduate Students.


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