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About Us

Mission Statement:  

The primary mission of the Applied Statistics graduate program is to prepare students for careers as statisticians and data analysts in industry, government, academia, and nonprofit organizations.  A key secondary mission is to prepare students for PhD work in statistics and biostatistics.    

Learning Goals:

  1. Our graduates will be comfortable using both SAS and R for data analysis and data management, and they will have relatively advanced programming skills in one of the two packages.
  2. Our graduates will have a solid foundation in probability and the theory of statistical inference.
  3. Our graduates will have a clear understanding of how and when to apply standard statistical methods such as one-sample and two-sample tests, confidence intervals for means and differences of means, ANOVA, linear regression, and chi-square tests.
  4. Our graduates will be skilled at presenting and communicating statistical analyses in both written and oral form.
  5. Our graduates will be competent users of advanced methods from multiple core areas of statistics that are related to their personal career goals.  


Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Tel: 610.519.4850
Fax: 610.519.6928

Graduate Applied Statistics Director: Dr. Paul Bernhardt