Comprehensive Examination

  • The exam is given twice a year - once in the fall semester, usually in November, and once in the spring semester, usually in April.  These dates differ from the "comprehensive exam" dates on Villanova's academic calendar.
  • Students who wish to take the exam should submit an application form (see the last item in this list) and an unofficial copy of their Villanova graduate transcript to the Director of the Applied Statistics Graduate Program.  
  • Students must have completed 21 credits towards their degree in order to take the exam.  Currently enrolled courses do not count towards the 21 credits.
  • Students must pass the exam within the six-year period allotted for the degree.  This six-year period starts when the first course in the program is taken.
  • Students should bring calculators to the exam, and statistical tables will be provided.  Use of cell phones, books, notes, and other resources is not permitted.
  • Students have three hours to complete the exam, which usually starts at 9 AM.
  • The exam covers Statistical Methods, Regression, and Linear Models.
  • The exam is graded as a single exam.
  • In the event of failure, one re-examination will be permitted.
  • Students are encouraged to review together, to work problems from previous exams, and to consult with faculty as they prepare for the exam.  
  • Link: Application for Comprehensive Examination.


View examples of previous comprehensive examinations here.

To take the Applied Statistics Comprehensive Examination (ASCE), students must:

  • have a GPA of at least 3.00
  • have completed at least 21 credits in the program
  • have completed at least five of the six required courses
  • be currently enrolled in the sixth required course, if it has not yet been taken.

APS Comprehensive Exam Dates

  • Fall: November 17, 2018
  • Spring: April 13, 2019