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Combined BS/MA Program

The Combined BS/MA Program allows Villanova students to earn both a Bachelor of Science (BS) Master of Arts degree in Mathematics (MA) in approximately five years. Students in the program take graduate mathematics courses during part of the time normally allotted to an undergraduate program.

Some of these courses are counted toward both the BS degree and the MA degree. As a result, they can earn a BS degree in Mathematics after four years and an MA degree after approximately one additional year of study. In addition to benefiting from an accelerated timeframe, students in the combined program may receive a graduate tuition remission benefit. A maximum of 5 students may be accepted into the program each academic year.


  • Accepted qualified students in the program will complete all of the required work for a B.S. in mathematics, including core curriculum and all free electives.
  • They will also complete all of the requirements for an M.A. in mathematics.
  • Villanova students may apply for the program after completing MAT 3500 and after they have earned at least 24 credits in mathematics.
  • Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher and in all required courses in mathematics that they have taken at Villanova University.
  • The Accelerated Timeframe depends on three specific courses that are cross-listed as both undergraduate and graduate.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Klaus Volpert
(610) 519-4670

Download the application.