Combined BS/MSAS Program

The Combined BS/MS Program allows Villanova students to earn both a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Mathematics and a Master of Science degree in Applied Statistics (MSAS) in approximately five years.  Students in the program take graduate statistics courses during part of the time normally allotted to an undergraduate program.

Some of these courses are counted toward both the BS degree and the MSAS degree. As a result, students can earn a BS degree in Mathematics after four years and an MSAS degree after approximately one additional year of study. In addition to benefiting from an accelerated timeframe, students in the combined program may receive a graduate tuition remission benefit. A maximum of 5 students may be accepted into the program each academic year.

Degree Requirements

Students in the 5-year BS/MS Prgram must complete:

  • all the required work for a B.S. in mathematics, including the core curriculum and all free electives.
  • all of the requirements for an MSAS degree.

The accelerated timeframe (typical schedule) for the dual degree depends upon taking four specific courses as an undergraduate. These courses are counted toward both the BS and the MSAS degrees. The remaining graduate courses needed are taken following the usual pattern for Applied Statistics graduate students. Degree requirements are subject to change.

Application Information

Students who want to submit an application must have

  • enough credits to be considered at least a junior.
  • an overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.3. 
  • a GPA of at least 3.5 in mathematics courses taken at Villanova
  • at least an A- in MAT 4310 or its equivalent MAT 7404
  • Once admitted to the five-year program, the student will be permitted to take graduate courses in applied statistics.

The Applied Statistics Graduate Committee will review all applications and will make the final decisions about the acceptance of students into the BS/MS program.

Students not yet accepted into the BS/MS program, but interested in taking MAT 8406, may request permission from the Director of the Applied Statistics Graduate Program.


For additional information, contact:

Dr. Jesse Frey, Director of Applied Statistics Graduate Program at 610.519.7350

Students can apply to receive their BS diplomas as soon as they have completed the requirements for the BS degree in Mathematics.

* 5yrbsmsappl.doc

The deadline for submission of applications is October 31 in the Fall Semester and, subject to availability, February 15 in the Spring Semester. Following these dates, the Applied Statistics Graduate Committee will make its decision. The Committee may consider applications after March 1 if positions are still available.