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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a minor in Irish Studies Program?

The Irish Studies minor teaches students in an interdisciplinary manner about the art, literature, theatre, politics, and history of modern Ireland and its United States diaspora.  The cultural history is rich and varied, and the skills learned in this interdisciplinary minor may be applied to many fields of work after college.  These skills include critical thinking, research methods and writing, presentations, and argument--beneficial to fields as diverse as law, medicine, public relations, non-profit and business managment.  Our faculty are world-class and our courses varied, rich, and engaging.  

The minor also offers students the opportunity to learn the Irish language, both on campus through our Irish language courses and abroad in the Gaeltacht regions of Ireland.  

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What types of opportunities are available in Irish Studies?

Study options are available at major Irish universities on a semester or year long basis. In addition, students may take part in a six-credit Villanova-in-Ireland summer program at University College Galway.  The program also offers the Irish Theatre Summer Studio as well as the opportunity to study the Irish language over the summer in Gaeltacht regions in Ireland.  Studiyng under the Heimbold Chair and learning the Irish history of Philadelphia are other excellent opportunities offered through the Irish studies concentration.

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