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Welcome to the Villanova University Class of 2026! You've worked hard and made a lasting impact in the world, and now it's time to celebrate all you've accomplished – and to look forward to all the amazing things you'll do over the next four years! 

The excitement begins today: It's time to connect with classmates, get a look at your new home, and officially join the class! This website will keep you and your family informed of the steps you'll need to take, so be sure to check back frequently for updates! 

Welcome to Villanova!

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Questions about your admission decision? Looking to attend an upcoming event with fellow future Wildcats? Wondering about your Financial Assistance package? 

Your Applicant Status Page is your homebase for all things Villanova! From connecting with classmates to counting down the days until Orientation, you'll find everything you need to jumpstart your next four years. Check back frequently for updates and info! 


Villanova University has a community like no other. We're passionate about our education, take pride in our school and look out for one another. Admission counselors, students and staff are ready to tell you about the Villanova experience.

From events specifically for admitted students to student-led campus tours, roundtable discussions with students and webinars with on-campus experts, Villanova offers many ways to connect with us. 

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Submit your non-refundable admission deposit of $700 by using the online payment option through your Applicant Status Page or by calling 610-519-5250 during regular business hours. 

Please know that it may take up to 20 minutes after viewing your admission decision for you to be able to submit your registration deposit.

Enrollment Deposit Deadlines:

  • Early Decision I: by January 7
  • Early Decision II: by March 15
  • Early Action or Regular Decision: by May 1

If you're considering changing the major to which you have been admitted, you must complete the Change of Major Request Form. Please note that prior to New Student Orientation, your request must be done through the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Once you start New Student Orientation and beyond, any request to change your major should addressed by your academic advisor. There is no guarantee of admission to another academic college once you are enrolled at Villanova.

Admitted students who wish to postpone their enrollment for one academic year must complete the Defer Request Form with supporting documentation by June 1, 2022. The Admission Committee will then review your request and respond with a decision.

If a deferral request is approved:

  • The student may not enroll at another college or university as they will then be considered a transfer student.
  • Admission is for the same major and/or college to which the student was originally admitted.
  • Final official high school transcripts and other required credentials must still be submitted by July 1.
  • Financial Assistance paperwork will need to be resubmitted the following year for a new evaluation. Merit-based scholarships are not guaranteed to carry forward as the Scholarship Committee will re-evaluate the student in the context of the following year's applicant pool.

If a student is planning on attending another secondary school for a Post-Graduate (PG) year, a deferral will not be granted, and the student would need to reapply for the following year.

If a deferral is not granted, the enrollment deposit remains non-refundable and the student is still eligible to enroll for this fall (unless they notify they are withdrawing).

All students, faculty and staff who will be on campus are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Villanova will accept Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, as well as vaccines that have prequalified for Emergency Use Listing (EUL) by the World Health Organization (WHO) evaluation process. Additional information including proof of vaccination upload instructions will be sent to enrolled student prior to their arrival to campus.  

New Student Orientation for the Class of 2026 will be held Saturday, August 20 - Tuesday, August 23, 2022. Move-in day will be Friday, August 19 and the first day of classes will be Wednesday, August 24. View additional Orientation FAQs.

Your academic advisor and course schedule will be given to you in the middle of August, before New Student Orientation. An advisor will be assigned by academic major or college.

Students who achieve a qualifying score in the Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate Higher Level Exams may receive Villanova course credit. Please refer to each academic colleges' policies below:

Yes, you will need a computer to participate in coursework. Find out more about recommendations on laptop specifications. A Purchase Program for students is available to purchase a machine that meets the minimum requirements as decided by each college.

Villanova University's Office for Residence Life strives to create a welcoming residential community while maintaining a comfortable and safe environment for students residing on campus. Our staff oversees campus housing assignments and manages the day-to-day operations of our residence halls. Please read all of the following information carefully before accepting on-campus residency.

Residence Life Fast Facts:

  • Villanova houses approximately 5,400 undergraduate students in 32 on-campus residence halls located throughout all areas of campus—Main Campus, South Campus and West Campus.
  • Freshman residence halls are predominantly co-educational and range in size from 50 to 520 residents. Halls may be designated as single-gender depending on the gender distribution of the incoming class.
  • Freshman residents may be assigned to a standard single, double, triple or quad room.
  • Freshman students may be housed in halls on all areas of campus, but are not normally assigned to apartment or suite style housing.

Eligibility for On-Campus Housing

Students who are admitted to the University as a “resident” are guaranteed three consecutive years (six consecutive semesters) of on-campus housing beginning with the Fall semester of the academic year of their admission. Students who forego a semester(s) of housing for any reason (i.e. participation in a study abroad or internship program, deferred acceptance) are not guaranteed an additional semester(s) of housing in their fourth year. Residents who withdraw from housing for reasons other than academic (e.g., study abroad, internship) at any point during the eligibility period will lose their guarantee of on-campus housing. Those interested in returning to campus may be housed as space permits.

On-campus Housing Policies

Students who are admitted to the University as a “resident” are: 

  1. required to reside in on-campus housing for their first two academic years of enrollment (four consecutive semesters, excluding summers) beginning with the Fall semester of their admission year; and 
  2. guaranteed three consecutive academic years (six consecutive semesters, excluding summers) of on-campus housing beginning with the Fall semester of their admission year. 

Students who forego a semester(s) of housing for any reason (i.e. participation in a study abroad or internship program, deferred acceptance) are not guaranteed an additional semester(s) of housing in their fourth year. 

Residents who withdraw or take a leave of absence from University housing at any point during the eligibility period will lose their guarantee of on-campus housing. Those interested in returning to campus following an authorized leave may be housed as space permits.

Communitas is an educational opportunity where academic and residential aspects of a student's first year at college are brought together. One-third of Villanova's first-year students choose Communitas, which offers the opportunity to thrive through intentional conversation inside and outside the classroom. Villanovans in Communitas embrace new friendships and fresh academic endeavors while navigating the college experience together. We believe by aligning students and faculty in the classroom and the residence hall, this unique program maximizes student interaction by creating a holistic learning experience. As a result, Communitas students tend to form closer friendships with their hall mates/classmates and faculty, and therefore have a richer intellectual experience in each setting.

Students who participate in Communitas-

  • live together in a residence hall on south campus,
  • take a specially-designed Augustine & Culture Seminar (ACS) section,
  • enjoy unique co-curricular programming and
  • are enrolled in a one-credit Communitas themed course.

Communitas themes include: Leadership, Art & Culture, Caritas (Service Learning), Creative Writing, Environmental Leadership, Faith and Reason, Global Perspectives, Healthy Living

For more information, please go to the Communitas website or call the Office of Student Life at 610-519-4550.

Securing Housing for First Year

A student who accepts the University's offer of admission as a “resident student” must complete a Housing Contract to secure a room assignment. New resident students will be able to access, complete and submit an online Housing Contract via the Housing and Dining Web Page between May 1 and June 1. To complete the Housing Contract, a student's admission deposit must be received and processed by the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Please note that the University requires approximately three days to process an admission deposit. All Housing Contracts must be completed and submitted by June 1.

Communitas: First-Year Learning Communities

When students are completing their housing contract, they can simply select to join Communitas. Students participating in Communitas will:

  • live together in a residence hall on South Campus,
  • take a specially-designed Augustine and Culture Seminar (ACS) section,
  • enjoy unique co-curricular programming and
  • are enrolled in a one-credit Communitas-themed course.

New Student Housing Assignments

New residents are assigned roommates based on gender, date of admission deposit, enrollment in designated Learning Communities and—when possible—preferences specified in a questionnaire that accompanies the Housing Contract. We ask that students, not parents , complete this questionnaire so as to provide the most accurate responses.

Freshman residents may not select or request a specific residence hall or room. However, students may request to room with a preferred roommate. Residence Life will make a reasonable effort to accommodate roommate requests provided that:

  • Interest in residing together is shared by both students,
  • each student has designated the other as a preferred roommate on the Housing Application
  • and the request is received by June 1.

Room assignments will be posted on the Housing web page during the last week of July and will contain:

  • Room and building assignment
  • Roommate's name and email

Upperclass Housing Assignments

Housing for sophomore and junior years is guaranteed and secured during the spring semester via a housing selection process. Returning residents will be issued a computer-generated random housing selection time as part of this process. It is important to note that factors such as previous housing assignment, difficulties with roommates, academic standing, participation in special activities or athletics, facilities concerns and other factors are not considered when generating selection times. Students will be able to choose their housing assignment and roommate online at their designated housing selection time.

Housing for senior year is only guaranteed to students who are admitted to the University under a special scholarship or program guaranteeing a fourth year of housing. Students interested in residing on campus for their senior year may participate in the Senior Housing Lottery. The senior housing lottery will take place in September. Students who do not receive housing via the lottery can request to be place on a housing wait-list.

Please visit our website for more detailed information about our office, our halls, our policies and our housing calendar.

There are several meal plans offered, and the plans available to you will vary based on your housing status. Meal plan registration opens after housing contracts are submitted (sometime after May 1). Detailed information about all meal plans and directions for choosing your meal plan are located on the Dining Services website.

First-year students living on campus, must choose a meal plan by June 15. If you do not choose a meal plan you will be defaulted into the unlimited meal plan. You will have until August 31 to make an adjustment to your plan. After this date, you will be unable to change, add to or cancel your meal plan until the following semester. Please read your Villanova Dining Services meal plan contract for additional detailed information.

I-20s are processed only for international applicants who have paid their enrollment deposit. The Office of International Students will start processing I-20s during late April for enrolled international students.



Are you a changemaker? A chance-taker? A difference-maker? Villanovans are all of these things and more – and the qualities you possess could make YOU a Villanovan, too! Learn more about the ways Villanovans ignite positive change all over the world, while remaining true to our values, our selves and our campus community – and how becoming a Villanovan could be the path for you! 


From dawn to dusk, there’s no place quite like Villanova – our warm, welcoming community bustles with an energy and spirit you won’t find anywhere else. Get acquainted with our beautiful surroundings, our breathtaking architecture and the unique environment that make this a place like no other. Explore our campus, located 12 miles from Philadelphia, from a bird's eye view.


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CARITAS means caring for others – and for Villanovans, it’s an ideal that exists at the forefront of all that we do. Community First: The CARITAS Commitment is our pledge to modify our behaviors to ensure the health and safety of our community. Working together, we’re making Villanova a safe and healthy place! 

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