Pre-College Summer Academy

Villanova University College of Professional Studies educates learners of all ages, including high school students and those preparing to enter college. Villanova's Pre-College Summer Academy allows high school students and incoming college freshmen the opportunity to have a unique and exciting pre-college educational experience.

Explore all college has to offer during our four-week summer program! This immersive program is designed to introduce students to the multifaceted experience of attending college.

Exceptional high school juniors and seniors, as well as incoming college freshmen, can choose between two options:

  • 3 + 1 Option: Select one three-credit course taught by esteemed Villanova faculty and alongside current undergraduate students. This college-level classroom experience is augmented with PCAC 1000: College Pathways, a 1-credit college preparatory course, with assignment specifically to prepare students for successful college life.
  • PCAC 1000 Option: Students have the option to enroll solely in the college preparatory course.



July 1 - July 29, 2024


• COM 1000: Survey of Communication Studies

• COM 1100: Public Speaking

• SAR 2113: The Charm of Music

If you are interested in a course not available as part of our Pre-College Summer Academy, learn more about our single-course offerings for high school scholars.


Metacognition + The Science of Studying

Navigating the Financial Landscape of College

Academic Advising 101 + Logic of Curriculum

Finding your Agency in College

PCAC 1000: College Pathways


In this program, students will work closely with academic advisors and have access to support services across campus. Through the holistic and intentional curriculum of PCAC 1000: College Pathways, students will learn and practice various academic, social, professional and intrapersonal skills to help them succeed both in and out of the classroom.

  •  Gain an understanding of the expectations and practice the necessary skills to be successful before you enter college
  • Explore different majors and how they translate to potential careers 

  • Learn how to engage with professors and peers within a vibrant campus community

  • Freedom to experience and participate in campus activities with current undergraduates

  • Build an internal inventory of the available resources to draw upon when you are in college 
  • Work on a culminating final project demonstrating the interdisciplinary learning that took place throughout the summer   


Tentative Schedule

this image shows a tentative schedule for the PSCA program




3+1 Option: $3,160 (4 credits - see Tuition & Fees information)

PCAC 1000 Option: $790  

Payment in full is due at time of acceptance.

General Semester Fee ($15) + Book Fee ($75)


*Application, acceptance or participation in the Pre-College Summer Academy does not guarantee acceptance or preferential treatment for students applying for future admission to Villanova University.

**Housing options are available through the Office of Residence Life.

Housing rates and meal plan would not be included with the tuition cost and are estimated at a cost of $2,200. Housing application deadlines are June 21st.


Application Requirements for the Pre-College Summer Academy:

  1. Fill out the Pre-College Summer Academy Application
    * Post-Secondary Education (Write high school name)
    * Must select Pre-College Summer Academy within the application
  2. Personal statement (short essay prompt)
  3. Parent Permission Letter stating permission to take classes at Villanova. (upload to application)
  4. Letter of Recommendation
  5. Official High School Transcript (sent directly from the school to
    Or mail to:     Patricia Ertwine,
                        CPS Villanova University
                        800 E Lancaster Ave
                        Villanova, PA 19085
  6. Pre-payment required  
  • 3+1 Option:  $3,160 for 4 credits plus the general fee. See Summer 2024 tuition rates. Housing options are available through the Office of Residence life.
  • PCAC 1000 Option: $790

If you are interested in a course not available as part of our Pre-College Summer Academy, learn more about our single-course offerings for high school scholars.



Enhance your resume.

Summer Academy courses provide new skills to add to your resume or college application, while exploring future academic pathways.


Expand your network.

Communicating and building relationships with classmates and faculty scholars can open new doors for your future.


Learn from distinguished faculty.

All programs are taught by experienced Villanova faculty who are dedicated teacher-scholars and among the most distinguished in their fields.