Student Name: Faculty Sponsor: Sponsor Department: Project Title:
Carlos Garriga Robert Curry Biology Egg fertilization as an influence on investigation of hatching success and nestling sex ratio in hybridizing chickadees
Jennifer Anne Patron Anil Bamezai Biology Defining T cell inhibitory role of BTN2A2 protein expressed by Lipid Droplets
Mandy Cai Alyssa Stark Biology Too Humid to Handle: The Effect of Humidity and Substrate Hydrophobicity on Ant Adhesion, Locomotion, and Behavior
Chae Danbee Elaine Youngman Biology Investigating the role of RNA helicases against heat stress in germ cell development of C. elegans.
Nikki Holmes Megan Povelones Biology Determining the function of the VSG-exclusion 2 (VEX2) protein in the non-pathogenic kinetoplastid parasite Crithidia fasciculata
Regan King John Schmidt Biology Quantification of snRNAs in Mouse Mammary Tumor Cells with Differential Expression of Zc3h8
Frank Rauscher Robert Curry Biology Hybridization trajectory and relict recognition of song in the chickadee hybrid zone: an experimental approach
Julia Redpath Alyssa Stark Biology How sticky is too sticky?: Gecko locomotor performance in high adhesion conditions
Bella Yedman Adam Langley Biology From leaves to landscapes: explaining interannual variability in foliar N in a long-term marsh experiment
Margueritte Lalo Aimee Eggler Biochemistry Determining the best oxidizable phenol to combine with a manganese porphyrin to specifically kill breast cancer cells while minimizing toxicity to healthy cells
Elisabeth Ford Barry Selinsky Biochemistry  
Ryan Forte Jacob Elmer Chemical Engineering Assessing Whether Co-Expressing Virokines Known to Inhibit the Host Cell's Innate Immune Response with a Reporter Gene Leads to Higher Target Gene Expression Levels
Jack Rahlfs Jacob Elmer Chemical Engineering LtHb Synthesis and Expression in CHO Cells
Joseph Sullivan William Kelly Chemical Engineering Development of surface functionalized macro-beads for isolation of IFN-γ high producing CAR-T cells
Stefanie Allen Scott Kassel Chemistry Synthesis and characterization of Cobalt(III) terpyridine complexes with application to water oxidation and proton reduction
Samuel Burwell Vanessa Boschi Chemistry Examining the Extent of Metal Contamination on Dairy Farms Using Copper Sulfate Bovine Footbaths
Olivia Kachurak Jared Paul Chemistry Synthesis and Characterization of [Ru(bpy)2(dh-phen)]2+ and [Ru(bpy)2(dh-dm-phen)]2+
Raymond Roberts Matthew O'Reilly Chemistry Examination of the Diastereoselectivity of Cyclic Tetrapeptide Ring Closure Dependence on Amino Acid Identity
Austin Rongo Deanna Zubris Chemistry Developing Novel Copper N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC) Catalysts to Polymerize Isoprene
Daniel Zelch Matthew O'Reilly Chemistry A General, Efficient, and Stereoselective Method of Synthesizing Biologically Relevant Chiral C2-Substituted Azetidines Using Chiral tert-butyl Sulfinimines
Anthony LaBarbara Wenqing Xu

Civil & Environmental


Madeline Lay Bryan Crable Communication Collective Memory and the Women's Rights Pioneers Monument
Victoria Wiegand Ebelechukwu Nwafor Computing Science Towards Detecting Online Dating Scams
Khang Bui Ebelechukwu Nwafor Computing Science Towards Detecting DDoS Attacks on IoT devices
Rebecca Jacobson Christa Bialka Education Facilitators for Teachers Leading Disability-Related Discussions in 6-12 English Classrooms: A Qualitative Approach
William Bassett Kyle Juretus Electrical and Computer Engineering Utilizing Machine Learning to Enhance Performance of Logic Synthesis Tools
Matthew DeMarco Kyle Juretus Electrical and Computer Engineering SynPyosys: A Python Framework for Integrated Circuit Design
Giavanna Walker Kyle Juretus Electrical and Computer Engineering Structurally Aware Logic Locking
Kennedy Cornish Xun Jiao Electrical and Computer Engineering Implicit Bias in Machine Learning
Lauren Arnold Steven Goldsmith Geography & the Environment Measuring the effectiveness of point of use (POU) water filter pitchers at removing sodium from tap water
Maeve Malone Kabindra Shakya Geography & the Environment Characterization of lead and other heavy metals in atmospheric particulate matter around Villanova, PA
Sydney Walsh Stephen Strader Geography & the Environment Analyzing Trends in Heavy Precipitation Events and Vulnerability in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Region from 1940 to 2021
Corrine Wilm Lisa Rodrigues Geography & the Environment Life in the plastisphere: Can algae biodegrade PET or HDPE plastic waste?
Alivia Lanoue Marc Gallicchio History Development of Diplomacy in Sino-American Relations, 1971-2000
Abdullah Al Rafi Mahmud Alexander Diaz-Lopez Mathematics  
Elsaid Youssef Alfonso Ortega Mechanical Engineering Enhancement of Pool Boiling using Synthetic Jets for High Heat Flux Cooling
Kendall Fragetta Ani Ural Mechanical Engineering  
Victoria Margenat Aaron Wemhoff Mechanical Engineering Water Scarcity and Cannabis Growth Facilities
Emily Holland Elizabeth Dowdell Nursing Workplace Violence: Voices of Emergency Department Nurses Treating Patients with Substance Use Disorders
Georgia Karavangelas Joseph Neilsen Physics Analyzing X-ray Obscuration in GRS 1915+105 with Chandra and NuSTAR
Lauren Iskander Benjamin Sachs Psychology  
Allison Bajada Janette Herbers Psychology  
Elise Miller Benjamin Sachs Psychology Assessing the Impact of Serotonin Deficiency and Gut Dysbiosis on Cognition and Anxiety- and Depressive-Like Behavior in Mice