Applicant First Name: Faculty Sponsor (first Name, Last Name): Sponsor Department: Project Title:
Lindsay Dickerman Edward Guinan Astronomy & Astrophysics Asteroseismology of the Red Supergiant Betelgeuse: – Probing the Internal Structure using Archival High-Precision Villanova Photoelectric Photometry
Alicia Eglin Edward Guinan Astronomy & Astrophysics Mars Gardens: Growing plants in Martian Simulant soil in preparation for Mars colonization
Samuel Gunther Edward Guinan Astronomy & Astrophysics Decreasing Orbital Periods Reveal the Formation, Evolution, and Ultimate Fates of Hot Jupiter Systems - Focus on HD 189733
Ani Nele Scott Engle Astronomy & Astrophysics Planet-Hunting from the George P. McCook Observatory
Ariana Abbrescia Robert Curry Biology Effects of forest management efforts on bird community composition in a deciduous forest
Catherine Brennan Elaine Youngman Biology Investigating the genetic interaction between the loss of the nonstop decay pathway and siRNAs in germ cells.
Jacob Clancy Angela DiBenedetto Biology RIME Analysis of Protein-Protein Interaction involving Brd2a and Brd2b
Anthony Conte Alyssa Stark Biology Running Up Hill: The Effect of Incline and Surface Roughness on Locomotor Performance
Samantha Dolloff Alyssa Stark Biology To Jump, or Not to Jump: The Unique Locomotor Performance of Tropical Ants
Jared Gabriel Adam Langley Biology The evolutionary adaptations of Schoenoplectus americanus when exposed to elevated CO2 and nitrogen
Audrey Lawrence Anil Bamezai Biology  
Angela Magahis Anil Bamezai Biology Quantifying Anti-Tumor CTL Killer Activity in Ly-6A Gene knockout (Ly-6A-/-) Mice
Andrew Moura Michael Russell Biology Effects of Marine Heatwaves on a Dominant Kelp Forest Herbivore
Christian Ostrowski Angela DiBenedetto Biology The study of direct antagonism between Brd2a and Brd2b using co-immunoprecipitation.
Sarah Robinson Anil Bamezai Biology Identifying CD4+ T-Cell growth inhibiting components in Lipid Droplets
Simon Blanchard Jacob Elmer Chemical Engineering  
Amanda Allender Aimee Eggler Chemistry Getting to the Heart of Variables that Affect Cytoprotection in the Nrf2/ARE Pathway
Azzeiza Beadle Jennifer Palenchar Chemistry The Characterization of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenases (β-HBDH) from the bacterial pathogen Burkholderia cenocepacia in vitro and the Trypanosoma brucei HBDH in vivo
Eugene Cha Jennifer Palenchar Chemistry Characterization of HBDH from two pathogens: trypanosomes and bacteria
Zoe Fish Deanna Zubris Chemistry Ring Expanded N-Heterocyclic Carbenes as Ligands for Earth Abundant Metals
Nicole Garcia Deanna Zubris Chemistry  
Ardith Held Barry Selinsky Chemistry Expression and Characterization of a Putative Cyclooxygenase from Cyanothece
Mia Hess Jared Paul Chemistry DNA-Binding and Characterization Studies of Anti-Cancer Ruthenium Compounds Containing Various Ligands Producing Photo-Induced Dissociation
Katherine Moffa Jared Paul Chemistry Synthesis and Study of a pH-Dependent Water Oxidation Catalyst
David Sokoloski Jared Paul Chemistry Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of a 4,7-dihydroxyl-2,9-dimethyl-1,10-Phenanthroline Ligand
Eliana Uriona Vanessa Boschi Chemistry Permaculture and Phytoremediation in Pennsylvania: Applying the theory of permaculture with heavy metal hyperaccumulators to reduce the absorption of heavy metals by surrounding plants intended for consumption
Ranay Yadav Peter Zaleski Economics (CLAS and VSB) Assessing the Economic Impact of NBA Team Relocation on Cities
Emma Stein Krista Malott Education Is the Privilege walk providing what it claims to?
Hannah Darensbourg Steven Goldsmith Geography/Environmental Science Analyzing the best substrate and native plants for green roofs in the greater Philadelphia area
Jack Deppman Steven Goldsmith Geography/Environmental Science Understanding the Impacts of Land-use Change and Increased Precipitation on Flooding Magnitude and Frequency in the Greater Philadelphia Area
David Gao Lisa Rodrigues Geography/Environmental Science How does an oil spill affect calcification and accumulation of heavy metals in the northern star coral, Astrangia poculata?
Julia Martiner Steven Goldsmith Geography/Environmental Science Trace Heavy Metal Mobility, Nutrient Density, and Carbon in Organic Urban Soils Treated With Kitchen Waste Compost
Madeline Scolio Kabindra Shakya Geography/Environmental Science  
Frank Simutis Amanda Knecht Mathematics and Statistics  
Felicity Evans Deeksha Seth Mechanical Engineering Robotic Fish Fins Modeled After the Bluegill Sunfish
Olivia Hall Deeksha Seth Mechanical Engineering Engineering Design Education & Professional Engineering Skills
Seth Lionetti Chengyu Li Mechanical Engineering Numerical Investigations on the Unsteady Flow Physics of Insect Flight
Samuel Thomas Calvin Li Mechanical Engineering Creating a 3D Ordered TPARG
Michael Davis Amber Stuver Physics LIGO Data Quality Investigations Supporting the Search for Gravitational Waves from Cosmic Strings
Boran Gorur Joey Neilsen Physics An X-ray Study of Previously Unknown Absorption in M87
Kaixuan Ji Scott Dietrich Physics Structural Phase Superlattice via Electron Beam Lithography
Angela Strelevitz Scott Dietrich Physics Identifying impurities localized to hBN within graphene-based structures
James Terhune Amber Stuver Physics Measuring Effect on Data Quality for the Search for Burst Gravitational Waves by Calculating Detection Range
Michael Pacitti Rebecca Brand Psychology Investigating the role of facial information in infant-directed action.
Victoria Riccelli Janette Herbers Psychology Reflective Coping and Social Support Among Parents Experiencing Homelessness