Student Name: Mentor: Department: Project Title:
Zach Ferguson Edward Guinan Astronomy & Astrophysics Getting to Know Our Stellar Neighbors: Physical Properties & Habitability of Stars within 20 Light-Years of the Sun
Alicia Eglin Edward Guinan Astronomy & Astrophysics Mars Gardens: Growing plants in Martian Simulant soil in preparation for Mars colonization
Samuel Gunther Edward Guinan Astronomy & Astrophysics Hot Jupiters: Formation, Evolution and Ultimate Fates – Focus on the HD 189733 Hot Jupiter System
Tyler Kline Andrej Prsa Astronomy & Astrophysics Big Data and Eclipsing Binaries: Optimizing a Training Set for an Artificial Neural Network
Kathlyn Purcell Scott Engle Astronomy & Astrophysics Determining Ages and X-UV Emissions of M & K Dwarf Stars: A Glimpse into the Potential Habitability of Hosted Planets
Lily Day Robert Curry Biology Song discrimination and male aggressive behavior within a songbird hybrid zone
Anthony Conte Alyssa Stark Biology Running Up Hill: The Effect of Incline on Locomotor Performance and Behavior of Temperate Ants
Erica Culberson Louise Russo Biology Investigating the Role of GPER and Granulocytes in the Estrogen-Induced Inflammation and Extracellular Matrix Remodeling in the Rat Uterus using Dual Knockdown
Caraline Gammons Robert Curry Biology Achromatic plumage brightness in Carolina, black-capped, and hybrid chickadees: implications for social dominance and mate choice
Paul Jacob Matthew Youngman Biology Recovery Process in Adult C. elegans Following Acute Environmental Stress
Nicholas Salerno Elaine Youngman Biology Identification of siRNAs Implicated in the Mechanism of Learning of Pathogen Avoidance:
Samantha Bragen Jacob Elmer Chemical Engineering Elucidation and Inhibition of the Host Cell’s Intracellular Defense Mechanisms Against the Plasmid DNA Used in Gene Therapy
Min Ji Hong Jacob Elmer Chemical Engineering Inhibition of cGAS/IFI16 DNA Sensing Pathways to Improve Gene Therapy
Christopher Braganca Daniel Kraut Chemistry  
Julianna Cresti Daniel Kraut Chemistry  
Rebecca Morse Aimee Eggler Chemistry  
Kaitlin Pensabene Aimee Eggler Chemistry Evaluating Sulforaphane's Cryoprotectant Capabilities for CAR-T Engineering
Austin Leitgeb Kevin Minbiole Chemistry Synthesis of BisQAC Dipyridyl Compounds with Varying Degrees of Architectural Rigidity
Eliana Uriona Vanessa Boschi Chemistry Organic Matter and its Effect on Soil and Plants
Kyle Abo Konstantinos Agrios Chemistry Organic Synthesis and Testing of Factor D Inhibitors in Vitro
Kaitlyn Benson Jared Paul Chemistry Studying the Structural and Electronic Properties of Ruthenium Complexes Containing Novel Asymmetric Hydroxy and Methoxy Ligands
Emily Ellis Daniel Kraut Chemistry Functions of Rpt Subunits in the 26S Proteasome
Katelynn O'Donnell Deanna Zubris Chemistry Improving Sustainability of Petroleum Derived Polymers Using Photocatalyzed Iron-Based ATRP
Minh Dang Wenquing Xu Civil and Environmental Engineering Assess the Redox Properties of Pyrogenic Dissolve Organic Matter (pyDOM) and Its Impact on the Formation of Disinfection By-Products during Drinking Water Treatment
Alexandra Vasquez Xiaoxiao Li Economics (CLAS and VSB) Glass Cliff: Does a Firm Crisis Affect the Likeliness of a Female in the C-Suite Position?
Olivia Moyer Xiaoxiao Li Economics (CLAS and VSB) Gender Pay Gap in the C Suite
Xingjian Wang Xun Jiao Electrical and Computer Engineering Energy Efficient Neural Network(E^2 N^2)
Matthew Borkoski Steven Goldsmith Geography/Environmental Science Investigating the relationship between hydraulic fracturing and metal pollution in Pennsylvania watersheds
Gillen Curren Kabindra Shakya Geography/Environmental Science Monitoring Air Quality Along Lancaster Avenue near Villanova University
Alexander Saad Kabindra Shakya Geography/Environmental Science Exposure to Particulate Matter Pollution in Philadelphia Subways
Daniel McDonough Craig Bailey History Narratives of Identity: Heritage in Upper Class Irish Philadelphia at the turn of the 19th Century
Caroline Arnold Helena Tomko Humanities Human Freedom, Fate, and Divine Providence in Epic Narratives
Kerry Kitrick Garrett Clayton Mechanical Engineering Developing Microspine Technology for Practical Outdoor Applications
Joseph Krueger David Cereceda Mechanical Engineering Understanding the importance of heterogeneous phase distributions in the dynamic fragmentation of brittle materials: a computational approach
Alyssa Danner Melissa O'Connor Nursing The Needs of Caregivers for Older Adults with Diabetes
Erin Freitas Elizabeth Dowdell Nursing School Shooters and their Use of Social Media
Nicholas La Manna Jeremy Carlo Physics Synthesis and Analysis of Magnetically Frustrated Double Perovskites
Pablo Aramburu Sanchez Joey Neilsen Physics X-ray Lightcurve PCA and Spectroscopy of the Black Hole GRS 1915+105
Kaixuan Ji Georgia Papaefthymiou-Davis Physics The Iron Biomineral Core of H-rich and L-rich Engineered Human Ferritins: A Multi-probe Study via MÓ§ssbauer Spectroscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy
Catherine Petretti Joey Neilsen Physics Mapping a Black Hole Wind: Determining the Orbital Period and Wind Geometry in GRO J1655-40
Nabiha Shahid Joseph Toscano Psychology Individual differences in language ability assessed by top-down lexical activation
Tariere Tebepah Janette Herbers Psychology Risk Factors Associated with Emergency Room Visits in Homeless Families
Michael Ryan Henderson Joseph Toscano Psychology Integration of acoustic cues in speech measured using auditory brainstem responses
Rachael Huegerich Sr. Ilia Delio Theology and Religious Studies A Divine Euphoria: Gender Transcendence and Godly Immanence