Kristin Schroeder, MD MPH

International Cancer Care and Research Excellence Foundation (iCCARE)

Kristin Schroeder in a posed photo.

Dr. Kristin Schroeder is the co-founder of iCCARE, whose mission is “to give any child who is diagnosed with cancer the same chance of cure regardless of where they live.” While pediatric cancer has a survival rate of nearly 85% in many developed countries, cancer care is essentially non-existent in many hospitals across low-income countries. For nearly a decade, Dr. Schroeder and iCCARE have worked to deliver and improve cancer care with curative therapies, as well as supportive and palliative care at Bugando Medical Centre in Mwanza, Tanzania. Through her efforts, the survival rate for her patients has risen to 50% in the eight years she has spent in western Tanzania.

Bishop Paride Taban

Holy Trinity Peace Village Kuron

Bishop Paride Taban in a posted photo.

Bishop Taban founded South Sudan’s Holy Trinity Peace Village - Kuron, an intentional community for people of diverse ethnic backgrounds who have experienced conflict. South Sudan gained independence in June 2011 after more than 50 years of armed struggle and conflict in the North. As a result, South Sudan has more than 3.25 million people living in United Nations camps for internally displaced or refugee camps in neighboring countries. In response, Bishop Taban established Holy Trinity Peace Village Kuron as a peaceful destination where human dignity can flourish. The Village’s operations focus on agriculture training, education, health services, and food security, as well as conflict resolution and peacebuilding, forever changing the lives of thousands of Sudanese.

Jameka Walker

Catholic Partnership Schools

Jameka Walker in a posed photograph.

Jameka Walker is the Executive Director of Catholic Partnership Schools (CPS), a network of five Pre-K-8th grade schools providing educational opportunities for children of all faith backgrounds in Camden, NJ, and the surrounding areas. CPS aims to provide “a safe, loving and achieving environment in which students are encouraged to find their path forward.” As Executive Director, Ms. Walker has been instrumental in advancing CPS' mission in a city fraught with poverty and violence, leading to challenges and low student proficiencies. CPS prepares its students with the skills they need for success in high school and, ultimately, college. Their work also extends to their students' families, empowering them to understand the value of education in creating opportunities for the future.