Joint Statement Regarding Villanova University-Cabrini University Agreement

Cabrini University to Graduate its Final Class in May 2024; Works with Villanova University to Sustain Mission-Oriented Initiatives and Campus Name   

Joint Statement Regarding Villanova University-Cabrini University Agreement

In a shifting and increasingly difficult higher ed landscape, Cabrini University, like so many colleges and universities, has faced significant financial challenges stemming from declining enrollment, the pandemic, and economic uncertainty. Despite efforts to improve revenue streams, and changes to the leadership and academic ranks, Cabrini’s operating deficit remained insurmountable. With all other possible options exhausted and having determined that they must conclude their operations, Cabrini University initiated discussions with Villanova around a plan that would preserve Cabrini’s legacy and mission and honor the original intention for the Cabrini campus to promote opportunities in Catholic education.

As neighboring Catholic institutions connected by our aligned, faith-based missions, the boards of Villanova and Cabrini universities have approved in principle an agreement that will preserve Cabrini’s history, mission, ministry, and legacy after the school graduates its final class in May 2024 and concludes operations.

Key components of the agreement include: 

  • Cabrini will continue the 2023/24 academic year as planned for the incoming freshman, sophomore, and junior classes and see its class of 2024 through to graduation with a robust set of course offerings and a focus on celebrating its history, mission, ministry, and legacy.
  • Cabrini and Villanova will share counseling and resources to support Cabrini students throughout the academic year to develop individualized transfer plans enabling them to complete their degrees as well as support Cabrini faculty and staff in identifying potential employment opportunities.
  • Once Cabrini operations conclude, Villanova will assume ownership of the land.
  •  Villanova will preserve Cabrini University’s legacy, both in name and in the continuation of some of the institution’s most impactful work in education, nursing, service, immigration, and the advancement of women.

Discussions are ongoing in good faith and grounded in mutual respect for both communities. Once a definitive agreement has been reached, we will have more information to share.

Helen Drinan, President of Cabrini University

The Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, President of Villanova University