Employee Resource Groups (ERG), sometimes referred to as affinity groups, are used to provide support and engagement to University employees. These groups may focus on specific interests or identities and offer a variety of experiences, but they are not closed groups, and they welcome supporters and allies. ERGs function as a structure within ODEI and work in coordination with Human Resources.

Villanova's current ERGs are listed below; click the boxes to learn more and get contact information to connect with that ERG.

Please contact Sydney Lobosco for additional information or to receive an application to create an ERG.

To serve the Black and African American Villanova employees, staff and faculty, and the supporting campus community by creating a safe and open space where employees can seek and offer support to one another. The group strives to create community through providing space where people can build connections. This will be done through offering professional development and social engagement.

Furthermore, this group will serve the University by encouraging members to take on leadership roles and provide a means for this group to communicate their perspectives about the University as a way of contributing to its success.

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The mission of the Disabled Villanovans Employee Resource Group is to bring together both visibly and invisibly Disabled employees and allies to create a community where we can support one another and engage with the larger Villanova community to develop a more accessible, equitable, and inclusive environment.

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eleVate arose from a desire to connect Emerging Leaders and Educators at Villanova through social, professional, and service-based activities. An emerging leader may be new to the workforce, the field of higher education, and/or the Villanova community - all are welcome! Our goal is to provide relevant support and programming for those navigating the early stages of their careers, transitioning into new positions and responsibilities, wanting to expand their skill set, and seeking to connect across campus.

We may be the older generation at Villanova, but we still have a lot to say, and do, and live. The academic world is continually changing, and we love being part of that enthusiasm and innovation. The Golden Wildcats sees an opportunity to create social opportunities for older employees, to share their similar experiences.  Villanova is what brought us all together and we hope to cultivate new and lasting friends well into retirement.

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The LGTBQIA+ ERG provides holistic support for staff and faculty members who identify within the LGBTQIA+ community. The group serves to provide community and connection for LGBTQIA+ staff and faculty, offer opportunities for social and professional networking, and connect with LGBTQIA+ students on campus to further support an underrepresented population of students.

The group seeks to consistently create spaces for members to connect professionally and personally, provide outreach to the community so that employees are aware of the group (which has historically been a challenge), and further the Villanova mission to become a more inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ people. 

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The mission of the Military and Veteran Employee Resource Group (ERG) is to be a strategic partner with VU to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion through continual learning, employee development, and employee engagement. The Military and Veteran ERG advances the understanding of inclusion of employees with a common background, set of interests and/or goals.

The guiding Principles: these inform our approach to fulfilling our mission

  • We value inclusivity and diverse perspectives and identities.
  • We value the use of research and knowledge of our Villanova University Community.
  • We value the broad experience involved in raising the next generation.
  • We value a collaboration among the Collective and across the university.

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The Hispanic/Latinx ERG will

  1. Connect faculty and staff on campus to each other to build community through identity.
  2. Provide professional development opportunities and networking to create avenues of continued growth.
  3. Connect with students on campus to support in their identity development and experiences on campus.

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To create an employee network of support and encouragement by discussing experiences, career paths and future goals as women in STEM.

Principles and beliefs that guide our group are that every employee should have equal opportunities. We believe that collaboration between faculty and staff within the Villanova is vital to growing the community. This would enhance the Villanova experience and aid employees in feeling more connected as women in the STEM field. We will share not only professional experiences, but personal ones as well. This holistic view will help support other women who may feel siloed in their departments.

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Our office is located in Tolentine Hall, Room 202.