The Davis Fund for Student Experiences is designed to provide financial support for undergraduate and graduate students to pursue unique and exceptional learning experiences. Thanks to the generosity of Jim C. Davis ’81 VSB and Kim Davis, the Davis Fund will make grants to applicants who demonstrate opportunities to experience their VSB education in exceptional ways. This may include global opportunities*, research, independent studies, nonprofit service, conferences, case studies or something truly different. Challenge yourself—think big about your education and pursue experiences that help you accomplish more personally and professionally.



Complete an application to apply for a grant from the Davis Fund for Student Experiences. This application must include your professional resume, a budget worksheet, and a 250-word essay explaining how this grant will help you pursue your goals while aligning with the values of the Villanova School of Business. You can also complete an optional essay to share an additional information with the Review Committee.


  • If you are applying for a grant as part of a group, each member must submit an application and indicate the same group name on each application. Only one member of the group should submit a budget worksheet.
  • Applications should be submitted at least three weeks prior to when funding is needed.
  • Although grants are not determined exclusively on financial need, you must disclose whether you currently receive financial aid.
  • You also must disclose if you are an NCAA athlete.


Diya Sharma ‘22 VSB and Maria Espinoza ‘22 VSB
Diya Sharma ‘22 VSB and Maria Espinoza ‘22 VSB in Urbino, Italy.
"I was able to learn about the Italian culture and language, while also traveling in Europe. I am grateful I was able to create such amazing memories with my peers."
Diya Sharma ‘22 VSB
"This experience pushed me out of my comfort zone, providing me with both personal and professional growth that I will carry with me for the rest of my life."
Maria Espinoza ‘22 VSB



"The Davis Fund has given me the ability to translate and apply the lessons and experiences I have learned in the classroom into other professional settings including attending the Harvard Business School's Africa Business Conference."
Adam Kebbeh ’20 VSB
"Attending the Harvard Africa Business Conference was one of the most enriching experiences of my professional life. The experience opened doors of various possibilities for the trajectory of my life that I had never conceived. "
  Chichi Chioke ’21 VSB
Adam Kebbeh VSB ’20 and Chichi Chioke VSB ’21
Adam Kebbeh ’20 VSB and Chichi Chioke ’21 VSB at the Harvard Africa Business Conference

For More Information

Prior to applying, students are strongly encouraged to learn more about the Davis Fund for Student Experiences by attending an information session. You can also schedule an individual meeting by emailing Caitlin Gilmore.

* Study Abroad programs are generally not eligible for grants from the Davis Fund for Student Experiences, however certain expenses may be grant-eligible.  

Helping Our Students

NABA Students
Pictured: Mia Bryant '22 VSB, Chichi Chioke '21 VSB, Greg Damas '21 VSB, Nasir Dowling '21 VSB, Maria Espinoza '22 VSB,, Jalen Maurice '21 VSB, Sheydline Moise '22 CLAS, Arlene Niles '21 VSB, Franklin Peaker '22 VSB and Gabrielle Tanson '21 VSB

"The NABA conference provided amazing professional development, networking, and job placement opportunities, all while getting the chance to explore a new city. This experience would not have been possible without the generous contribution of the Davis Fund."
- Gregory Damas ‘21 VSB

Jeff Wang

"Being able to attend the Chicago Open Future Economist Summit allowed me to take insightful discussions about global economics, capitalism, and social equity in Villanova classrooms onto a tangible platform."
- Jeff Wang Fang ’21 VSB